Fimo clay for eyes and nose

Monster hair fabric in the color of your choice



Acrylic paints




Form eyes and nose out of clay, making sure to form a place on the back to be inserted into the fabric for sewing them onto the pygmy puff. It should look something like the attaching part of a button with no holes in the face.

Prepare the clay as per the manufacturer's instructions.

When the clay is ready, paint and varnish the eyes and nose making sure to allow adequate drying time.

Cut 3 football shaped parts out of monster hair fabric in the size of your choice.

With the needle and thread, sew the fabric together, leaving an area open for stuffing.

Cut small holes into the fabric to poke the eyes and nose through, then sew and/or glue them onto the pygmy puff.

Fill the pygmy puff with rice through the opening that was left, then sew the opening closed.

Voila! A fantastic little pygmy puff is born.

Final Product

Pygmy Puffs Pygmy Puff Close-up


© Winterborn's tutorial was taken with permission.

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