Straight length of Maple, Birch, or any moderate hardwood, at least 16-inches (40.64 cm)
Jack-knife, sharpened
Plastic bag
Medium-grit sandpaper
Fine sandpaper

Optional Supplies
Ultra-fine buffing paper
Wood stain

Strip the bark from the stick, and begin whittling.

Allow to slow-dry by loosely wrapping it in plastic bag.

GENTLY bend it against the natural curve with your hands so it dries straight.

Once dry, sand it, first with the medium-grit paper, and then the fine to make it nice and smooth.

Ultra-fine paper will allow you to polish the wood to a natural shine.

Optionally, you can keep it as is and spray with a sealant, or stain it before sealing it.

© Mijan's tutorial was taken with permission from Madame Malkins.

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