• Front 6.3" x 4.7" x .1" (16cm x 12cm x 3mm)
• 2 sides 4.7" x 3.14" x .35" (12cm x 8cm x 9mm) each
• Base 5.51" x 3.14" x .35" (14cm x 8cm x 9mm)
• Background 3.54" x 6.3" x .1" (9cm x 16cm x 3mm)
• Bludger 3.78" x 3.78" x 3.78" (2cm x 2cm x 2cm)
• Harry 3.93" x 2.75" x .35" (10cm x 7cm x 9mm)
• Draco 3.93" x 2.75" x .35" (10cm x 7cm x 9mm)
• 6 circles 1.37" diameter, .35" thick (3.5cm diameter, 9mm thick) each
• Circle 1.96" diameter, .35" thick (5cm diameter 9mm thick)
Dowel Rods
• Handle 1.96" diameter, .98" long (5mm diameter 2.5cm long)
• Main rod 1.96" diameter, 7.48" long (5mm diameter 19cm long)
• 5.12" (13cm)
• 2 4.33" (11cm) pieces
• 9.94" (25cm)
Poster paints
PVA glue
Wood glue, or glue gun
2 fuses
Elastic band
Electric or manual fret saw


Draw out the shapes of Harry and Draco on their brooms onto the Harry and Draco pieces of wood.

Harry & Draco Patterns

Cut 1 layer into the plywood along the dotted lines on both sides and chisel out 1 layer in the grey areas.Using either sandpaper or a file, sand the broom tails to a point and round the edges, then use the sandpaper to make the broom handles rounded.Cut a slit down the middle of Harry's spiky hair, use a triangular file or sandpaper to make it spiky.Cut a circle out of the Bludger piece of wood and make it into a ball using files or sandpaper.Draw out the background pattern and cut out the grey areas.

Background Pattern

Draw a pencil line down the middle of the top and drill 0.08" (2mm) holes 0.67" (17mm), 2.36" (6cm), 3.34" (8.5cm) and 5.31" (13.5cm) from the left side, erasing the pencil line afterwards.Draw pencil lines down the middle of the sides and drill 0.24" (6mm) holes 2.76" (7cm) from the top, erasing the pencil line afterwards and making a mark on the left side.Drill 0.24" (6mm) holes in the center of 4 of the smaller CAMs and the center of the large CAM.Drill a 0.08" (2mm) hole in the center of one of the other smaller CAMs. Drill 0.24" (6mm) holes 0.24" (6mm) from the edge of the remaining 2 smaller CAMs.To make the handle piece, drill a 0.24" (6mm) hole halfway through one of the smaller CAMs with the hole in the center.Draw the pattern below onto the large CAM and cut out.

Handle Pattern

Wrap the elastic band around one of the smaller CAMs with the central hole.Cut the Fuses in half and remove anything from the middle. (WARNING! Some fuses can have glass in them, be careful.)Mixing the paint with the PVA glue, paint the smaller CAM with the 2 holes and one smaller CAM with a central hole white.Paint the short dowel rod golden yellow.Paint the bludger dark purple.Paint the top green.Paint one of the side pieces golden yellow and the other one red.Paint the tops of the front and sides and the back of the background brown.Paint Harry with red and yellow robes and black hair, and Draco with green & white robes and white hair.Paint Harry's and Draco's brooms brown.Paint the front according to the pattern.

Front Pattern

Paint the background according to the pattern.

Background Pattern

Print 2 of the crests below and glue them to the white CAMs.

Hogwarts Crest Stickers for the handle.

Punch a hole in the CAM with 2 holes so that the non-central hole can be seen and glue the short dowel into that hole.Glue the Base to the sides, ensuring that the sides are vertical.Glue the top on to form a box.The left side, with the mark on it must be glued to the golden side.Push the long dowel rod into the handle dowel rod and through the golden side piece.Push the large CAM onto the long dowel rod, followed by the CAM with the Elastic band on it, then the 2 CAMs with off-center holes.Then push the long dowel rod back out through the other side and push the final 2.36" (6cm) dowel rod onto the end.Push the 9.94" (25cm) wire through the second hole from the golden side and glue the CAM with the 0.08" (2mm hole) onto the bottom of the wire.Push the remaining three wires through the holes, making sure that the two 4.33" (11cm) wires are next to each other, gluing half a fuse to each wire.Arrange the large CAM so that it is directly underneath the 5.12" (13cm) wire and glue it into position.Arrange the 2 CAMs with the non-central holes so that they are underneath the two 4.33" (11cm) wires and glue into position with one as high as possible and the other as low as possible.Arrange the final CAM so that it is touching the nearest CAM, it should be under the edge of the cam with the 0.08" (2cm) hole.Glue the front on so that the handle is on the left.Drill a 0.06" (1.5mm) hole into the bottom of Draco, just in front of his legs.Also drill a 0.06" (1.5mm) hole into the bludger.Drill two 0.12" (3mm holes) into Harry, halfway up the broom tail and just under his hands, making sure that they are 1.97" (5cm) apart.Push the bludger onto the 9.94" (25cm) piece of wire.Push Draco onto the 5.12" (13cm) wire and Harry on the two 4.33" (11cm) wires.Turn the handle so Draco falls down and bend the 9.94" (25cm) wire so that the bludger is just above Draco's head.As the handle will only turn one way, draw an arrow onto the golden side in red pen pointing the way it turns.

Final Product

Mechanical Quidditch Toy


© Helen Fairclough's pattern was taken with permission.

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