February 2010 Craft-Along: Let's Crack the WIP on our UFOs!

We all have them... Those project that we went "ZOMG! SO COOL! GOTTA MAKE MYSELF ONE!" over at first and actually started crafting... until we stumbled across the next "ZOMG! SO COOL! GOTTA MAKE MYSELF ONE!" project! For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology, these types of projects are what we called WIPs (works in progress), or UFOs (unfinished objects).
Now I couldn't help but notice a few of my crafty friends have decided to make it their New Year resolution to actually get to work and finish crafting all those WIPs they have lying around the house (look under the couch... See that one? Yup! There's another UFO right there!). And that got me thinking how we always tend to drop our New Year resolutions faster than you can say Quidditch (or hot glue gun if you prefer!).
Well not this year folks, not this year! This craft-along has only one mission: to get you to dust off all your unfinished Harry Potter projects, finish them, and show them off to everyone you know (or don't know) on the interweb.
Naturally, we won't be pointing you to a specific tutorial, as a WIP is something that's already started. But we do want you to get crafting, so if you're stuck in a Devil Snarish tight spot be sure to drop by the Help and Technique Discussion thread and ask the other members to light a fire for you (or say Lumos Solem, if you think the movies are canon enough!). And of course, be sure to go to the Bragging Thread Finished Projects thread to show off your (finally) finished UFOs!
So, what are you waiting for? Jump in this Craft-Along already so we can have a bit of fun!!
What's that? You've pulled a Hermione and you're on top of your things, UFO/WIP-wise? Well good for you! You have my (and everybody else's I'm sure) utmost admiration! But don't you go thinking you'll wiggle out of this Craft-Along so easily!

*Puts on best Sir Cadogan voice*

Your quest, good sirs and gentle ladies, if you accept it, is to design something new and finish it! We don't want that project to turn into a WIP now, don't we? Bonus points to you if you create a tutorial to go along with it!!

For the first time... Earn MyLeaky Points!!

We know you are all eager to have your house win the House Cup, and in return, we are very excited when you participate in our craft-alongs. Sssssooooo, we have decided to reward you for your efforts by awarding MyLeaky points!

Starting this month, you will be awarded:

  • 1 MyLeaky point for signing up for a tutorial
  • 5 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of one finished product
  • 10 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of every extra finished product

That's right, for every extra item you post, you're earning 10 points for your house! How cool is that?

Are you feeling the crafting excitement yet?

If so, what are you waiting for? Get crafting!!

Finding Hogwarts

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