Evanna Lynch Interview
Half-Blood Prince Set
February 2008
Melissa Anelli / transcribed by Josh Wittge

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Q: And is that your real hair?

EL: Um...am I allowed? Not really, no. It's Luna's real hair. (all laugh)

Q: That's a great answer.

Q: That's a good answer.

Q: Last time we saw you, you had made your characters own earrings.

EL: Yeah, they're still here.

Q: Did you make those as well?

EL: Yeah, same ones. She doesn't change much, so she just keeps her style. Yeah.

TLC: This is your second film.

EL: Mhmm.

TLC: And when we met you last time, you seemed a little daunted by everything.

EL: Yeah.

TLC: So how has that changed for you?

EL: It's changed- I just feel more part of it now that I've done one. Like definitely, last time- because I'd watched them all for so long. Even though everyone was so nice and they want you to be part of it, it's hard to feel equal with them. So yeah, I think I'm enjoying this one more, I'm just more at home.

Q: What have your favorite scenes been, filmed so far? Have you been filming a lot? Or- you just came onto the set.

EL: Yeah, I haven't filmed very much. I did walking to Slughorn's party with Harry. Walking there- never got to the party.

Q: Yeah, we saw the picture in the press kit. It's awesome.

EL: Really?

Q: Yeah.

EL: Oh, yeah. It's so cool. It's- like a tree? You know?

Q: Yeah! (all laugh)

EL: What am I looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to the scenes today, with the Quidditch. You know? Though we don't get to see anything, really. I like when there's big group scenes, you know? (Q: Yeah.) And there's a lot of new cast this year.

Q: Are you guiding them all now? Now that you're the seasoned professional?

EL: No... (laughs)

Q: Have you been helping out yet?

EL: No, I'm not there yet. I just- they're all settling in quite well, though. Because they- none of them are as huge fans. You know, it's more normal to them.

TLC: Last time your shoes were yours, too. Are those yours as well?

EL: No. Those are cool, though. I would have them.

Q: What do you do when you're not filming? When you're just waiting around?

EL: We tutor all the time. They're so mean about that. But when we're not tutoring we have- like a green room? Everyone just goes and just talks. (laughs) It was funny, earlier on. It was when the guy- new guys- Cormac McClaggan- he's actually a model. So they looked up his model shots and were printing them out- him topless (all laugh) and teasing him about it. Yeah, it was quite funny.

Q: What do you think you learned from the first film you did that helped you most preparing for this one?

EL: Um, I don't know- yeah. When you're watching yourself, you realize that it can't be perfect every time. So, I used to get really worked up around shots, and I'd be looking at the script all morning and the night before just trying to get it perfect; exactly like the book. But then you realize, after seeing the film, it wasn't exactly as I had planned it, you know? Because it's team work, you know, so what you think is good, someone else may think is terrible. So they change it. So you just do your best, and you do a few different takes on it, and whatever comes will come.

Q: And do you feel more relaxed in front of the camera?

EL: Yeah, definitely. You're not so afraid to mess up, because everyone does it.

Q: So when- during Order of the Phoenix, when new pictures were coming out- you know, you visit the fan sites a lot: when new pictures were came out, did you click comments and start scrolling through and see what people thought about you, or did you choose to avoid it? I mean, it's say to say everyone loved you as Luna. So, did you look at the comments and did you react?

EL: Like after the movie?

Q: After, and when the promotional pictures were coming out, too.

EL: Yeah, um- I remember I did at the very start. Like, there weren't even Luna pictures coming out. And people were judging by that, when I wasn't even in character. And after that, I just said no. (Q: Yeah.) I'm just going to do my own act. Because if I kept listening to people, I'd change it. And that would be no good, you know?

Q: Right.

EL: So, no. I really appreciate when people say good things now to you. And I think you need that. People say- you know, people are like, "Oh, don't listen to any talk." But I think it's good just to hear what- because I respect fans. 'Cause I still think of myself as more of a fan than cast, so I want to hear what they say, and I trust them. You know?

Q: Have you started getting fan mail from people like that? And do you read the mail and respond to them?

EL: Yeah, I get fan mail. I'm pretty bad about replying. At first, I tried to reply to them all individually, because I used to write to some of the cast. And I'd actually get annoyed when they'd send me back just a general letter. Like, you've put all that effort into a letter. But you can't- you definitely can't do it. I've tried. (all laugh) I don't know. But yeah, it's really nice to hear that people appreciate what you're doing.

Q: The fans really appreciate your perspective of things, too. How do you think they're keeping to the book in the sixth installment? In this production?

EL: Yeah, it's so close this time. It's just- and I was kind of begrudging that Michael Goldenberg wasn't going to stay on, you know? 'Cause I thought he was brilliant, and just 'cause I've known him and stuff. And he seemed to have such a good view of the books. But then when I saw the script for this one, I was fine. It's just- it has all the tension between Ron and Lavender and Hermione, and they focus on that a lot. As the book does. You know? Keeps in all the good bits.

Q: What's your favorite part of book six? Which do you like?

EL: I love all the stuff between Harry and Dumbledore. Because you know, in the fifth one, he's not in it. Dumbledore's my second favorite character and I missed him in the fifth one. And I like the part where he's just with Harry. You get to know him more, and hope they keep that in. And the cave scene. I can't wait to see that. I saw them filming it a bit. Did you see the set? It's like ice? (Q: Yeah.) It's so amazing. Just as long as he- you know the line where he says, "I'm not worried, Harry, I'm with you." It's like before he's dying, he's passing the torch on to Harry. I just hope that line is in.

TLC: What part are you specifically looking forward to doing most?

EL: My scenes? This or the next movie?

TLC: This one. We can do the next one next.

EL: Probably- I just like the Quidditch scenes. I don't have an awful lot. I enjoy the party scenes, 'cause that dress, you know? I'd wear it all year. Yeah, just the bit when we're- I like when we're in a group and that Luna has friends this year. It's so much nicer. Because last year it was always that she was distant from people. And just it just feels cool to be part of the group.

TLC: And in seven?

EL: I think- oh, the bit in Malfoy's house? You know, where she's trapped? That looks fun. And Dobby's funeral. I definitely will cry. Those won't be fake tears.

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