Emma Watson Interview
Half-Blood Prince Set
February 2008
Melissa Anelli / transcribed by Catherine DeSimone

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Q: Tell us about passing your driver's test.

EM: Yeah! Oh, I'm so happy. I took it this morning at nine o'clock and I kind of didn't tell anyone here in case I didn't pass. Everyone was like, "Oh, so, what happened?" So- but no, I'm reall, really pleased. I'm really pleased. It went really well.

Q: So where are you going to drive?

EM: Where am I going to drive? Well, my dad lives in London and I live in Oxford so I kind of- it'll be great to be able to come up and down to London, just being able to drive myself and yeah, it'll be great. I can't wait. It's like freedom. It's going to be amazing. I can't wait.

TLC:I don't think your plan of not telling many people worked because three seperate people in that chair told us that you were taking your test. (EM: Really?!) Yeah.

EM: Oh God. (laughs) Well, I tried to keep it on the low. Like I didn't tell- the only person I told- I told Rupert about it because he's already taken his and failed the first time so we were both like talking about it and I was like, "How can I avoid this?" and whatever and we were kind of laughing about it. I told Rupert, but I- he's quite good. Like he doesn't tell other people. But yeah. No, I didn't many people. I didn't tell many people.

Q: This movie is sort of like the romantic comedy Harry Potter. Is that right? I mean, there's a lot of that?

EM: Yeah, yeah. It kinda is. It really- certainly for Hermione in this one. It's really about her relationship with Ron and how that developes and doesn't develope. (laughs) Because obviously his kind of affair going on with Lavender. So yeah. It's very- I think it will be very humorous. And it's certainly been hilarious to film. We've been in absolute fits of laughter to the point where we've had to go, "I'm sorry. We need like five or ten minutes because frankly this just isn't happening." So yeah. It's been really, really fun. Really fun.

Q: What is the best part so far that you've filmed?

EM: I've only been back from ?? a couple a weeks so- like three or four weeks so it's quite hard to pick one out now. I guess like one of the things I like the most about this one is that obviously the relationship with Ron developed, but also there are loads of scenes between Hermione- like Hermione and Harry because like Ron and Hermione have all these problems, it kind of brings Harry and Hermione closer. And there are loads of scenes of them talking and there's a scene after Hermione sees Ron kiss Lavender for the first time and they both really sympathize with each other because Hermione is also really upset about Ron, but then Harry is really down about Ginny who is really likes, but can't do anything about. And so I really like those scenes. I know it's kind of not the most exciting or it doesn't have the most special effects or there aren't any like dragons or anything in it, but for me, that's- that's- I think they're really funny and really kind of sympathetic. And yeah, I think they're going to be really good.

Q: What are some of the ways you show your jealousy?

EM: Hermione takes Cormac who, in the film, is this like horrible, kind of slimy guy who is kind of really arrogant and just very kind of- yeah, just very arrogant. Like he kind of really shows off about everything and he's just really horrible. And Hermione- as she says it, "He's vulgar." Like she cant't even consider him until obviously Ron kind of really hurts her and goes off with Lavender so she kind of uses him to get back at Ron because that is the person she knows who would annoy him the most if she kind of went off with because they have this kind of competitive Quidditch thing going as well. So it's quite clever, but it just shows the lengths that girls will go to to kind of- yeah. It's quite funny. It's quite funny. Cause he is actually genuinely quite keen on Hermione and she's kind of trying to get away from him.

Q: Wait, Cormac is?

EM: Yeah. Cormac really likes Hermione. It's really funny. We're doing a scene at Slughorn's dinner, for like the Slughorn's Club, Slug's Club, and (laughs) we were doing a shot and again, I just couldn't keep it together for this shot, but basically Cormac is kind of giving Hermione these looks and David was really expermienting with like how ridiculous he could make it like Cormac was kind of licking cream off of his fingers and looking at Hermione like, "Ooh, this stuff!" And I don't know how he expected me to kind of keep it serious because obviously Hermione is kind of outraged by this. So she completely can't handle it. But it's so funny. It's really funny. And Freddy plays it really well. And it's going to be- good things are in store. It's going to be- it's going to be really funny.

Q: Now, does Ron get that you're jealous and that you're upset by his new girlfriends?

EM: I think he does, but he's really jealous because he finds out from Harry- well, he doesn't find out from Harry, but he kind of asks the questions, "So do you think that Hermione and Krum kissed?" And they probably did. I mean, it wasn't shown in the film. And Harry says, "They probably did." And then he gets really jealous and that's kind of why he's like, "Oh well, I'll just..." So, I think he does get it, but he just- I don't know. They're both so in like denial about their feelings. It's kind of- I don't know. It's funny.

Q: Have you talked about getting the Seventh Book?

EM: Oh my goodness. Yeah. Well, it was really awful because I just gone the whole day when we had got the book- when I was being been sent the book. So, I didn't- so I actually got sent one to my house, not early or anything, but I actually had to go up and queue it- queue up and buy it because I wanted to read it so bad. I didn't want to have to wait until I got home. So, that was kind of awkward cause everyone was kind of looking at me like, (everyone laughs) "Oh my God! It's Hermione! She's going up with us to get the book!" So, that was really funny. I went down to like a Borders and I got quite a lot of attention. (laughs) It was quite funny. (everyone laughs) But it's still cute.

Q: Where were you?

EM: I was in Oxford actually. I was in my- I was just about to- literally about to go. And yeah, so that was really funny. But yeah, it was just really exciting to read it. And oh my goodness, I cried so much. Like my friend, who was with me at the time, was looking at me like, "Pull it together!" Like I'm crying in public on this aeroplane like, (imitates sobbing) (laughs) so yeah. No, I really- it was Dobby when he got stabbed. I couldn't quite- I couldn't really- and Hedwig as well. Anyway, I don't wanna get into it. But yeah, it was emotional.

Q: Did you read the end of the book first or did you wait until...

EM: No, I was really good. I was really restrained. I wanted to kind of- I didn't want the magic to be over. I wanted to kind of make it last as long as I could. I did read it really quickly, but I didn't want to ruin it. (??) Yeah, yeah.

??: So, Rupert's the only one who actually went to the end.

EM: That's such a Rupert thing to do. (everyone laughs) He's so- like he's amazingly lazy. Like he should make a sport out of being lazy honestly.

??: That's what Daniel was saying.

??: Yeah, he told us about the thing with the DVD player and the..

EM: Oh my goodness. He's like nothing you've ever seen. (everyone laughs) He's so lazy (laughs) in like a really endearing way, but no. That's such a Rupert thing to do. That's such a Rupert thing to do.

Q: At the ?? we talked about how everyone was always hanging out in his dressing room. Is that still the case?

EM: Yeah, kind of, it is. Mine's kind of boring in comparision because he's has all the games and table turners and the pool and everything so yeah his is still definitely the place to be. Yeah.

Q: So, what have they told you about the Seventh Film coming up and sort of everything coming to a close or have they told you anything?

EM: Well, we've only just started the Sixth so kind of like they haven't really said- I mean, we're so busy with this one that there isn't really room or time to be thinking about the seventh one yet. So, we haven't really had anything yet.

Q: Have you been sort of mentally or emotionally preparing yourself for when this all comes to an end in a couple of years?

EM: Yeah, I mean, kind of. I guess I'm just aware that this is the last one and I know what happens. I know where it's all going and how it's going to wrap itself up and you know, obviously I'll be really sad, but I'm also really excited because it means new things can start and yeah.

Q: On that topic, you recently branched out and did your first big project, (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1083845)Ballet Shoes. How was it- how has it changed you as an actress to start working with other people and other media?

EM: I really- it gave me a lot of confidence and I really- I learned so much from doing it. And doing a film for TV was so different than what I'm used to here in terms of the pace, in terms of the budget, in terms of everything so I really feel I learned a lot. And I'm so glad I did it. I'm so glad I did it.

Q: It's quite a more intimate thing than you're used to.

EM: Yeah, it really was, but I love that cause everyone was so kinda close and everyone really like- everyone pulled together as a team because it was such a small crew trying to do such a big thing. So it was- I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.

Q: What kinds of things- I'm sorry. What kinds of things did you do to kind of un-Hermione youself for a new role?

EM: Well, I was really worried about that at first. I was really worried that Hermione would come out like as I was saying the lines, it would be- I would find it hard to be someone else, but I don't know. Because I identified so much with Pauline and what- just her story basically, I was actually- I surprised myself with how just kinda naturally it came to be her and to be in her like mindset, if that makes sense. So, it came pretty easy. And I hope that shows. But yeah.

Q: Can I ask you about your website? (EM: Sure.) Your new official website? What were your intentions behind that? I mean, a lot of fans are really enjoying it too. (EM: Mm.) So do you enjoy running it or keeping it up? (EM: Yeah, I really do.) I know you're posting the EMS.

EM: Yeah, EMS. Yeah. (Q: Yeah.) It's just a really fun thing to do. And I just- I just wanted to- it sounds really cheesy, but I just wanted to give something back if that makes sense. Like I get so many letters and stuff that I don't get a chance to read and I don't really have a way of communicating with people and with fans of the film and of Hermione and everything. So I just wanted a way to be able to- yeah, it was a way for me to be able to communicate with them. And just- because I can't respond to each individual letter or I can't meet everyone personally (laughs) cause that'd be physically impossible. I just figured it was a really good way to do it and it was a fun way of doing it and I think it's worked really well and it's been really useful and I'm really please that I did it. So.

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