February 2010 Featured Crafter of the Month

The Leaky Cauldron's Crafty Witches & Wizard are pleased as pumpkin juice to present to you the Featured Crafter of the Month for February 2010, hermione_jean_7!

Meet hermione_jean_7!

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Hermione_jean_7 has been interviewed by the one and only Crafty Princess Amber, and that interview will be uploaded to the Crafty Witches & Wizard YouTube channel shortly!

A couple of our featured crafter's favorite projects are below for your "oohing" and "ahhing"!

A Harry Potter themed quilt:

Harry Potter Quilt

Her Gryffindor messenger bag:

Gryffindor Messenger Bag

Appropriately gobsmacked by hermione_jean_7's crafty prowess? We don't doubt it. Check out the links below for even more crafty goodness from her hands, we promise you it WILL be worth your time!

Hermione_jean_7's Crafts
Hermione Jean Creations
HermioneJean's HP flickr photostream
HermioneJean's complete flickr photostream

Hermione_jean-7's Other Venues
Hermione_jean on LiveJournal

Finding Hogwarts

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