May 2010 Craft-Along

Fighting the I'm-Not-Crafty Syndrome

"I'm not crafty!"

"I could never do that!"


If you're a crafter, sentences like these probably gets on your nerves too. And if you're not a crafter and say things like that... Well just know you annoy the crafters around you!

I've talked about it here in details, so I won't repeat myself, but this month, I'm determined to fight what I've named the I'm-Not-Crafty Syndrome... a terrible ailment that affects thousands (heck millions!) of people all around the world. And to do that, I've picked a craft so easy it can litterally be done in 5 minutes... and that's including the time it'll take you to resize your pictures!!

This month, we're making Potter Glass Marbles! These things are pretty, pretty easy and pretty quick to make. On top of it, they require pretty much no supplies. That means everyone, yes, you heard me right, *everyone* can make them. And once you have your crafted marbles, well you can pretty much lose your marbles with all the crafty possibilities offered to you! In fact, just like we did last time, we're looking for your suggestions as to what you can do with finished marbles.

You may ask any question you have regarding this Craft-Along here and show off the fun stuff you've made here.

Remember that we're awarding MyLeaky points to everyone participating in the CAL:

  • 1 MyLeaky point for signing up for a craft-along
  • 1 MyLeaky point for every suggestion you give on how to use the finished marbles
  • 5 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of one finished product (1 marble = 5 MyLeaky points... how easy is that!)
  • 10 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of every extra finished product (so make a coaster out of marbles and win 10 extra points!)

*conjures up a new roll of parchment*

Please sign your name here if you're willing to give this a try! This parchment may or may not have been imbued in a healing potion that will travel to the tip of your quick up to your body to cure your I'm-not-crafty syndrome if you sign up...

We know that many of you don't visit the Leaky Lounge daily, preferring to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal or the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group. So rather than asking you to come to us this time around, we're coming to you where you normally follow us.

So, would you prefer to sign up for this Craft-Along on Livejournal insead? Share your Potter Marble crafts by posting them in an album over at the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group? Ask your questions on Twitter? Well, you can just do so. We'll keep an eye on everything and share what you've made back in the Leaky Lounge threads for you. And if you add your MyLeaky username in your posts or picture descriptions, you'll still earn MyLeaky points! So get going!

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