November/December 2010 Contest: We're Going to War! Are You Joining Us?

Today, November 1st, 2010, the war has just begun. Not the war opposing dark wizards to "good ones", nor any of the numerous wars going on in the Muggle world right now, but a different, more crafty, war! I hereby declare the beginning of the Knitting vs Crochet War!!

The Rules

  1. You can participate by submitting any Harry-Potter related crocheted or knitted item you've made and that cannot yet be found on Leaky Crafts or in the Leaky Crafts Galleries. In other words, yes, things you've already made but haven't sent to us can count!
  2. You can write (or make a video of) a tutorial for the item and earn your team extra points (see below). A tutorial must typically include the following:
    • Supplies list
    • Meaning of abbreviations (if applicable)
    • Pattern or stencil to use (if applicable)
    • Gauge (if applicable)
    • Instructions
    • Step-by-step pictures (not mandatory)
    • Final product picture(s)
  3. There is no theme here. As long as the entry is HP-related, it can be entered in the contest. The only craft medias accepted are crochet and knitting.
  4. As of November 1st, you may submit your entries by the following means:
    • By posting in the Contest thread in the Leaky Lounge;
    • By @tweeting us (@TLC_HPCrafts) in the tweets containing your pictures/tutorials;
    • By replying to the Contest post on LiveJournal;
    • By tagging us in a Facebook picture/post;
    • By posting your pictures in the Photos section on Harry Potter Crafts/ Yahoo!Group;
    • By e-mailing us your pictures and/or tutorials at [email protected].

    Please include your tutorial (if written, either write it in the body of the e-mail or attach it in a Word document), your pictures and/or videos and your MyLeaky username. If your tutorial can be found elsewhere on the internet (LJ, your own website, a Yahoo group, etc.), please give us the link to that site.

  5. All entries must be received NO LATER than 11:59PM EST on December 31, 2010. Entries sent after that will be disqualified.
  6. There will be two teams fighting in this war: the knitters and the crocheters. Each entry will earn your team points as follows:

    • 1 point per picture for the first three items submitted (items 1-3);
    • 3 points per picture for the following two items submitted (items 4-5);
    • 5 points per picture for the following five items submitted (items 5-10);
    • 10 points per picture for items submitted after that (items 11+);
    • 25 points for every knitting or crochet tutorial or pattern submitted.

All tutorials submitted in this contest will be posted on Leaky Crafts, which means that by participating, you give us express permission to post them there.

The Craft-Along will remain open althrough November, so if you wish to discuss what you are making with others, be our guests and join us!

*whispers* If you join the CAL and knit or crochet, you'll personally be getting MyLeaky points for doing that too!!

On that note, a Harry Crafting to you all!

Crochet Entries:

Finding Hogwarts

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