October/November Craft-Along

Quidditch Season!

As you know, the Quidditch season is on our doorstep. The first game of the season, Gryffindor versus Slytherin, will take place during the first weekend of November, and three weeks later, Ravenclaw will play against Hufflepuff. Those of you that were lucky enough to make your house team, I do hope you're training hard! And for the rest of us that would tend to do more harm than good on a broomstick, I daresay we're all getting ready to support our favorite team when the time comes! If you agree with that statement, please let your enthusiasm transpire by signing up for our Craft-Along here!

The months of October and November will be aaaaalllll about crafting Quidditch and those boring Muggle sports I don't know the name of (is one of them called how-key or something?). As usual, we'd like you to give us suggestions as to Quidditch Pitch Must-Haves. Also, once you're done, please hop on your broomstick and show off your talent while everyone cheers madly!

Remember that we're awarding MyLeaky points to everyone participating in the CAL:

  • 1 MyLeaky point for signing up for a craft-along
  • 1 MyLeaky point for every Quidditch Pitch Must-Haves suggestion you make
  • 5 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of one finished product
  • 10 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of every extra finished product

We know that many of you don't visit the Leaky Lounge daily, preferring to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal or the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group. So rather than asking you to come to us this time around, we're coming to you where you normally follow us.

So, would you prefer to sign up for this Craft-Along on Livejournal insead? Share your newly sewn Quidditch gears by posting them in an album over at the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group? Ask your questions on Twitter? Well, you can just do so. We'll keep an eye on everything and share what you've made back in the Leaky Lounge threads for you. And if you add your MyLeaky username in your posts or picture descriptions, you'll still earn MyLeaky points! So get going!

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