November 2009 Featured Crafter of the Month

The Leaky Cauldron's Crafty Witches & Wizard are pleased as pumpkin juice to present to you November's Featured Crafter of the Month, ofenjen!

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Her craft mediums are vast, but she is mainly known in the fandom for her fabulous paper-pieced quilting patterns, many of which she lovingly shares for FREE!

Jennifer has been interviewed by the one and only Crafty Witch HRH Amber, so sit back, hit play, and enjoy!

Some projects of special note of Jennifer's are:

"My Magical Lens", her incredible Potter-themed quilt

"House Unity Banner", which she gifted to J.K. Rowling in 2007

"Harry Potter Bookcase Mural"

And a picture from a Harry Potter party in 2003, where she made the cloaks and hats.

If you're as fascinated by Jennifer's crafty prowess as we are be sure to check out the links below. I promise you it WILL be worth your time!

Ofenjen's Crafts
Craft Projects
Harry Potter Craft & Fandom Photos

Ofenjen's Other Venues
Sewhooked Blog
Harry Potter Paper-piecing group on LiveJournal

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