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PotterCast 58

Broadway Filks 2

Release Date: October 07, 2006
Record Date:

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Encore Encore!…It’s Broadway FilkCast number Two. We had so many great filks to broadway show tunes that we are having a second podcast showcasing more of the many talents of the PotterCast listeners. In this show:
Show Notes:
- WOMBATs round 2
- Melissa lost her WOMBAT code
- Sue got an ‘Outstanding.’ Squee!
- New listeners should go to jkrowling.com
- Will there be a title for book seven after WOMBAT round 3?
- Evanna Lynch made her own radish earrings
- Evanna is one of us, and Melissa wants to cook pasta for her
- Dobby is FREE from the 5th film, but Kreacher is not
- Melissa doesn’t know what rusty water is
- There will be a ‘regular’ PotterCast next week
- Will there be a new DVD commentary soon?
- Send in your questions for an Electronic Arts interview
- New PotterCast Blog Challenge winner!
- Next week’s Blog Challenge: How do YOU listen to PotterCast?
- Shoutouts to our MySpace friends
- Melissa and Sue demonstrate their tap-dancing skills

Transcript for PC58

...is not yet available
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