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PotterCast 61

The John and Sue Show

Release Date: October 29, 2006
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

- This week, Melissa has a ghoul in her computer, so it’s just John and Sue

- Canon Conundrums: John, Sue, Guru and Steve discuss whether Trelawney is a fraud

- Kimmy talks to Varza about Arithmancy in the Fan Interview

- “The Big Book of Arithmancy” by R.U.A. Muggle

- Steve wants a name like ‘Guru’

- Was Trelawney right about the Grim?

- Trelawney’s Miss Cleo act

- Was it Harry or Clark Kent?

- Video of JKR’s 60 minutes appearance, can you see the notebooks?

- Can all wizards divine?

- Sue does not give out celery, FYI

- John loves his peanut butter cups

- Next week’s blog challenge: Show us your HP character Halloween costumes

- See this week’s entries here in this album!

Transcript for PC61

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