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PotterCast 101

San Francisco, California!

Release Date: July 05, 2007
Record Date:

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Show Notes:

- Melissa and John ask San Francisco the five questions: We WILL see the other side of the Veil. Harry will NOT return to Hogwarts to go to school. Harry is NOT a Horcrux. Snape is in fact GOOD. And Harry will indeed LIVE!

- We should all THINK about the Hogwarts school motto.

- What was Dumbledore envisioning in the cave?

- Was it Voldemort’s memory?

- Was it a memory of Dumbledore losing his family?

- Was it a message from Voldemort?

- Fan thoughts and theories: A Harry Potter – X Men comparison. The return of Mr. Blood! Or is it Lily Blood? Do you have to go back in time to destroy a Horcrux at the time it was created? Is Snape’s patronus a fox? The Sorting Hat knows what’s going to happen!

- San Francisco participates in a impressions contest.

Transcript for PC101

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