Harry’s Mum


Sep 21, 2003

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The Times has an interesting ‘day in the life’ article with Marcia Gresham, Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe’s mother. You must register to view, but here are a couple of snippets:
Dan was never desperate to act and I wasn’t keen to push him. He’s been incredibly lucky. It sounds a cliché, but working on Harry Potter is like being part of a big family. After a break between films he can’t wait to get back. If I’m not casting I share the chaperoning, so we all enjoy what Dan’s doing to the max. To be honest, Warner Bros make our lives easy. They provide a brilliant tutor; they even delayed filming the latest film so he could start at his new school and have one term of being normal.

Around 4pm the doorbell often rings and a little voice says: “Does Daniel live here?” I say, “Yes,” in a tone that will make them never, ever, come back. They say: “But we’ve got a present for him.” And I snap: “Well, put it through the letterbox!” The fans know our address, the names of the dogs, the colour of our walls. I find the level of obsession bizarre. Dan barely notices.

Thanks to Sandy and Cressida for the links and for the text!

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