Leaky and PotterCast Present: “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” Fan Commentary


Dec 11, 2007

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To celebrate today’s release of the OotP DVD in America, The Leaky Cauldron and PotterCast present to you the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” Fan DVD Commentary. Once you have your copy of the “Order of the Phoenix” DVD, available via our Cauldron Shop here, slide in the disc, turn on the commentary, and enjoy as Melissa, Sue, and John take you through the latest addition to the film series. As with our previous commentaries, they are available in both region one and PAL formats. Those who have just purchased the US DVD today can listen to the audio commentary via direct download. UK Readers, or people who own the non-high def PAL version, can find a compatible commentary via the downloadable version right here.

You can download our other commentaries right here!

Here is a little ‘How-To’ on syncing this audio with the DVD film:

Follow these instructions to set up this podcast to play alongside your “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVD (which you will need to own):

1. Set up your DVD in your TV/computer/console/other player, and start to play the full-length feature film.

2. When the screen goes from BLUE to BLACK, hit PAUSE.

3. Start this audio track.

4. John will count down (“Three…two…one…click”): UNPAUSE your DVD when he says “click.”

5. Enjoy!


As these are separate video/audio tracks playing simultaneously, pausing will pose a problem. If you pause the video first, and the audio second, unpausing the audio first and video second will probably link you up pretty closely to the earlier synchronization.

Once again, you can download the audio track using direct download, and feel free to participate in PotterCast discussion right here on our Leaky Lounge.


Finding Hogwarts

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