Clips of Dan Radcliffe’s “Inside the Actors Studio” Appearance (Updated)


Nov 23, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

As TLC reported previously, actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was a guest on the acclaimed Bravo program Inside the Actors Studio for their new season. While the entirety of Mr. Radcliffe’s interview will premiere on December 1st, a number of short clips from the interview are now online via the Bravo site. In these various clips, Mr. Radcliffe discusses with host James Lipton such things as the budding relationship between Ron and Hermione, his place on the Hollywood Pantheon, his own shyness, his role as Alan Strang in “Equus,” the late actor Richard Harris, his love for the game of Cricket, being a normal teenager, getting the role of Harry Potter, and his experiences filming the first film. You can watch the entire interview with Dan Radcliffe when the program airs on Monday, December 1st on cable channel Bravo.

Update: We now have for you these clips from Dan Radcliffe’s appearance available in our Leaky Video Galleries for your viewing ease.

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62 Responses to Clips of Dan Radcliffe’s “Inside the Actors Studio” Appearance (Updated)

Avatar Image says: funny! lol. at least the kid has not lost his sense of humor... and why is he kissing Emma in the last movie? ah, yeah... more money for WB. lolAvatar Image says: i dunno what to watch first! XDDDAvatar Image says: Dan is wonderful! This interview is terrific!can hardly wait till November 1 to see it all. @benji because Harry kisses Hermonie --when he -who -shold-not-be -named wants to taunt Ron into jealousy and trys to make him think they are more than friends[Harry and Hermione]Avatar Image says: in all seriousness, i cannot wait for this to air. i love this show. so this show plus Dan Radcliffe is like a Christmas gift to me from Bravo.Avatar Image says: What a cutie! He's so witty and charming... genuine, not full of himself, like he could be. I'd love to have any daughter of mine marry him!Avatar Image says: umm...i'd love to marry him!!Avatar Image says: Dan is always so cool. I can't wait to see more!Avatar Image says: Actually benji, Harry and Hermione don't kiss at all - it's actually a piece of Voldemort's soul used to torture Ron. I know certain shippers, of characters and actors(!) *eyesroll*, have difficulty grasping the fact but whatever.Avatar Image says: Well. This is going to make the Dan/Emma shippers wet their pants (and the H/Hr as well)!Avatar Image says: They were good, tho the adverts were irritating. I can't help grinning whenever I see Dan in an interview. Sounds like the show will be really good. I hope I get to see more, but I don't have access to Bravo. Avatar Image says: well, Jim, if they want to make that particular scene believable, they need to show what gets ronnykins so anguished enough that he would raise a sword against his two best friends. THAT is going to be a major scene, and if they try to make it funny or cartoonish, it will fail. Certain other shippers * eye roll * of characters and actors are having panic attacks that a certain coupling might get on screen, even though everybody knows that scene is in the book, but whatever. And we all know which shippers those are , hey kitty? Talk about insecurity....Avatar Image says: Agree that those ads were very annoying, but those bits they showed of Dan's interview were great! I loved those expressions on his face, when he talked about the bike seat stuff and when the audience 'ahhed' lol. Utterly a charmer.Avatar Image says: I'm one HP fan who wants to see the Dan and Emma smooch onscreen. Not only because I'm an H/Hr shipper but because it would make Ron's jealousy all the more believable. I mean, he never talked about his suspicion and doubts about the two. I found that poignant in the book - that he had always suspected that H/Hr have a thing for each other and to see that visually translated onscreen would be emotional to say the least. As for that show, wow, Dan had them in the palm of his hands. He's so hyper and funny here. quite different from the charlie rose show where he showed a different side of himself.Avatar Image says: It's always great to see Daniel, he has a great sense of humor and wit. I'll be watching Inside the Actors Studio on December 1st. I've read reviews from the audience who was there seeing the taping live and they all say they had a great time and say Dan made them laught a lot. About H/Hr kiss, the true is their horcrux versions kiss in the book, so they should include it in the movies and of course that means the actors have to do it, I don't see anything wrong with that even if I really like H/G couple, actually I'm looking foward to see it becuase we all know Daniel and Emma have a great chemistry so it'll be awesome.Avatar Image says: Well radcakesfan, all shippers of actors, whether it Dan/Emma, Rupert/Emma or Dan/Rupert(!) are pathetic. They really should get a grip about living in the real world. As for the characters, I find it amusing there are those anticipating an act of torture more than an act that releases years of unresolved feelings of love. However, if that's how you and others get their kicks, then I'm happy for you. Avatar Image says: Anyone else having a problem with the Richard Harris snippet - won't play properly? Interview is rather... strange. Kinda creepy. Would make a good Sanguini, methinks. Love that Dan!Avatar Image says: Great stuff from Dan. He is quite a hyper fella actually, never quite sitting still ;) But he truly soars in confidence. He is never intimidated by anything as he has proven with Equus, and the countless interviews he has done. Lipton is quite an intimidating person but Dan just comfortably answers with a dynamic personality, giving the audience plenty of laughs and intelligent conversation. And Jeez, how many times is he forced to talk about being naked! Though I have to say, he doesnt seem to mind and always have something quite funny to say about. But did I hear James Lipton state that Harry Potter was written as a result of Jo's mother passing away? I tried to play the video back but for some reason it wont play anymore. I wonder where he is getting his information from. We all know thats not the case but her mother's passing away did lead her to place more deep emphasis on the connection between Harry and his parents. Avatar Image says: @ Jim - well said, I agree with every word! As for the interview, I've never liked this programme. Many times it just fuels guests pretensions about the 'importance' of their proffession. The fact Dan doesn't fall into this catergory is one of the reasons he's so likeable. Avatar Image says: Professor Potter, I think he said that Jo's mother passing away was what made Jo write "Harry as a boy who longed for his dead parents". It isn't wrong, I think.... it's just that Lipton didn't get into any details. Avatar Image says: Frankly, I cannot wait to see Ron and Hermione smooch. I hope it's as sweet and powerful as it is in the book. I for one would like to see a little more eye contact and those looks of feelings come from Ron and Hermione that works up to the actual kiss. I'm a romantic!Avatar Image says: This is exactly way Daniel rocks!!!Avatar Image says: [url=]fachion handbag louis vuitton wholesale[/url] [url=]handbags louie vuitton[/url] [url=]coach replica handbags and accessories[/url] [url=]discount michael kors handbags[/url] [url=]imitation louis vuitton handbags[/url] [url=]discount coach handbags[/url] [url=]discount gucci hand bags[/url] [url=]knockoff prada handbags[/url]Avatar Image says: I've been looking forward to this. Dan's fantastic in these interviews, truly. And just so adorable when talking about cricket. Can't wait to see the whole thing. Avatar Image says: There's a smart young man! never boring, never repeating himself... I love his interviews!Avatar Image says: He is pretty cocksure answering that question about Michelangelo's David. I never saw Lipton before, but I get the idea that it isn't an intervieuwer who jokes about a lot, something that is Dan's major forte, nevertheless he wasn't itimidated at all, more mature then ever before I would say.Avatar Image says: I love Dan's interviews even if the questioner is James Lipton. Lipton's manner can be very sleep inducing. Dan never takes himself too seriously. He still has that wonderful sense of humor. I'm just MAD about him!Avatar Image says: Why is it that Dan looks so much younger in this video even though he has a beard? In the trailer i swear he looks 25 or something. In the video he looks more 19/18ish But whatver. Im wondering if this is going to play in Canada too and on what channel or is it America only as usual.?Avatar Image says: Omg, that was so funny! Poor Dan. He sounded so smart and so funny, very much like the Dan we've come to love and expect.Avatar Image says: Mmm....interesting take rad. Let's see, 1) boy has to watch genocidal maniac's images of his best friend and the girl he loves kissing, while at the same time they both ridicule him as worthless. This causes boy to an instantanious thought of attempting to kill best friend. 2) after several years of unresolved sexual tension, due to insecurity and immaturity, boy and girl release those feelings in a passionate embrace in the midst of a war where it's possible they could die. I don't know about you, but my money's on Celine Dione singing a ballad about the latter. Opinions on who is the more handsome or beautiful is irrelevant - it's obvious the messages in Jo's story has been completely lost on you. Oh well, I'll leave you get back to the exciting world of ' DanRadcliffe Land' ( a lovely bloke with some lousy fans ), while I'll return to the boring world of Harry Potter ( yeah, I know there's a character called Ron in it, but I'll just have to live with it ).Avatar Image says: I agree with Jim, on some extend what's wrong with people?! Actors are not characters. they don't follow a script on their relationships. and DANIEL RADCLIFFE SAID HIMSELF that he thinks of Emma Watson as FRIEND and SISTER-LIKE. i don't think people should find entretaining at all. it's creepy so stop it with the shipping. i can't watch the video, can anyone do a transcript of it?Avatar Image says: "my money's on Celine Dione singing a ballad about the latter". LOL Jim but your wasting your time. I've had a few run-ins with Radcakesfan myself and there's something you need to understand - Dan has the face of an angel and the talent of a god. The idea of any woman, fictional or otherwise, choosing someone else is incomprehensible. There are a few H/Hr shippers here you can have a sensible discussion with but, trust me, radcakesfan isn't one of them. Avatar Image says: I can't see the videos! the links don't work. can anyone make transcripts for the interviews???!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAvatar Image says: I don't recall people complaining when Dan and Katie kisses in 5. I think people are wanting it to be all about R/Hr but fact is that this scene is important. I also think overactive fans are scared that this kiss will outshine (because of the heat/taunting nature of it) will overshadow a R/Hr kiss, and it probably will. People's choice prefer sexy kisses to 'happy ending' ones. But that's OK. You still get the R/Hr ending. Isn't that what you want? The HP fan base is varied. They have to satisfy everyone to keep them wanting to go to the theatre and see the film. Add onto that the Chemistry DR and EW have and it's probably what they're using to get the buck bang for the studio. Avatar Image says: Well - I'm not a shipper of any sort, for me that was not the main crux of the story. However, I would hate to see them take the Horcrux scene out, it was full of tension and suspense. And in the end - Ron and Harry's relationship was made even stronger, not to mention that Ron destroyed the Horcrux. It seems foolish to want them to delete that scene simply because the Hermione figure will be seen kissing someone prior to Ron. It's not really Hermione, remember, just her likeness. Is it in truth, a fear of seeing Emma kiss someone else in the movie before she kisses Rupert? Because really - that is just weird.Avatar Image says: Agree with you there - sml. It just seems to me that the H/Hr shippers are happy that Dan and emma will concetize that relationship onscreen. It's the other camp who seems to be "insecure" that this kiss will be more talked about than the R/Hr kiss. Okay, Ron gets the girl. Let's not resurrect the shipping wars... Avatar Image says: Hmmmm...I´m wondering if I´m the only one who thinks that some people are taking this "shipping-thingie" waaaaay to serious....just wondering Avatar Image says: There are some pathetic fans who actually feel upset that Emma kissing Dan in a scene first is not right, that it should actually be Ron getting her "first " kissing scene. How sick in the head are they? These are the same mental cases who do not want to see the evil h/hr kiss despite it being canon because they are so afraid it will overshadow the r/hr kiss, as some people have said. We find you lot rather amusing too Jim and Scully. Oh and just because the actors have chemistry, doesn't mean there's something there in real life. Most of us realize that. You lot apparently don't. Also I don't care about an " act that releases unresolved feelings of love" because i'm not interested in the storyline of the sidekicks. That can go by the wayside, so far as i'm concerned. I'm going to quote Jonathan Ross on being questioned about what happens to Ron; he said "who cares?" lol. Avatar Image says: We have Voldemort and his lovely background singers ( the radiant Bellatrix, the soulful Lucius, the rythmic Yaxley and the harp playing Alecto ) *Why do birds suddenly appear are near Just like me....they long to be....close to you* Dan and Emma's, oops I mean Harry and Hermione's lips touch OMG! OMG! SWOOOON.......SQUEE!!!Avatar Image says: I LOVE DAN RADCLIFFE!!!!!!! i swear i'm going to marry him one day!!!!!Avatar Image says: It's rather hilarious how insecure some Dan/Emma shippers plus harmonians are. And how they can twist "their lips met" (and that's all there is in the book!) into meaning something hot and steamy. Of course they will kiss in the movie, but it's pathetic how some people insist it will outshine the R/Hr moment. *eye rolling*Avatar Image says: I really enjoyed these clips (oh yeah, the topic, remember?) and look forward to the full interview. Hopefully, some of the audience stuff is included.Avatar Image says: Jam,maybe for you but the media will be mad for that kiss,now i can see the headlines:"Radcliffe and Watson kiss""They will be in love?"they are obsessed with D/E,their dream will be real so....i don't understand why the R/Hr shippers are so afraid,you are always"oh,that NEVER happen"and when JK writes one kiss between them you are"oh nooo"LOL who are the insecure?Avatar Image says: I don't pay too much attention to either group of the shippers these days, but it's definitely "harmonians" who are obsessed about the kiss and eagerly grab every small bone thrown at them. R/Hrs, on the other hand, appreciate canon, and almost all of them will name "Silver Doe" as their favorite chapter in the last book. Also I've never saw them doubt R/Hr getting together in the end, while harmonians were full of doubts. As for this movie kiss, I haven't seen R/Hr shippers being "fearful" about it, and why should they be? They might point out, like I did, that all that was in the book was "their lips met"... and if you want to interpret that as being fearful, I'd say you're deluded. Where's the fear, really? All I've seen in this thread is radcakesfan doing his/her usual trolling.Avatar Image says: "trolling"wow very mature....because he/she has other opinion than you he/she is a troll...jam how old are you?5 or 3?and if you aren't a R/Hr shipper why are you talking for all the shippers?if the harmonians are excited for that kiss,fine,the R/Hr are excited for their kiss too.Get over it.Avatar Image says: I've seen enough of his or her posts to call her that. And I'm not talking for all the shippers, obviously. I'm making observations. It's funny that you're accusing me of something like that while making presumptions about R/Hr shippers and their fears yourself.Avatar Image says: Well,i read his/her comments too and i only see that he/she is a Dan fan and says his/her opinion about HP,what's wrong with that?can you tell me?and i can make presumptions about R/Hr shippers because i'm a H/G shipper and i know the war of ships and their fearsAvatar Image says: Thanks to all who agree with me. Hey, did you all see that Life & Style horoscope thingie that had Emma and Dan paired off as a possible couple lol? Jim/jam, you might want to write in there with all your complaints amd all. I just laughed and enjoyed it in the nature it was written. Your lot would have conniptions. And you might want to check out ron/rup fanboards as they are the most bitter about h/hr shipping lol. They're the ones having problems with anything that might overshadow Ron , like you know, Harry... Incidentally, if people like jim and scully can trash and insult other fans for their likes, that obviously makes them trolls. Have a look at who started the whole thing here so have a care as to who you're naming a troll, troll. Why you people think h/hrs should have to stand for insults and abuse is beyond me. Back to the subject matter, Dan is an obvious subject, having made it on small and large screen, West End and Broadway. Not too many young actors can say that.Avatar Image says: Leaky! links are bpken. can someone PLEASEEEEEEEE make transcripts_! I seen other people ask, and no one is listeningAvatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Anyone else really proud of dan doing ITAS? He's really showing how taking risks pays off. As to the shippers, all of you stop bickering. H/HR kiss in part 1 and R/HR kiss in part 2 of DH, hence no overshadowing.Avatar Image says: Sorry!Avatar Image says: Sorry!Avatar Image says: Just 2 words: FANTASTICALLY AMAZING :) It's schedule to be shown here in Canada on Dec. 1, at Bravo (Rogers Cable Ch 40) Surely to watch it :)Avatar Image says: Maybe it's just me, but I thought that the shipping thing was only 1 out of all 9 clips. Did anybody see the other 8? I seem to be having an experience similar to the one Harry had when he first saw thestrals in OotP. He thought he was going crazy because he thought he was the only one who could see them.Avatar Image says: I CANNOT wait for the all-so-intense scene where hot Harry and Hermione kiss. If it is as dramatic as the book, then it will be fantastic! I am SOOOOO excited!Avatar Image says: Since I am on the West Coast, I just finished watching it on Bravo and I was surprised that so many of the clips that were released were edited out of the episode. Does anyone know if the full version will be available on DVD?Avatar Image says: I watched the interview last night too and loved it. Dan is such an interesting guy and an awful lot of fun. I think I may have a serious crush on him. LOL. I also liked Dan's admonition to the H/Hr shippers. They applauded when Lipton hinted that Harry might be more suited to Hermione. Dan wagged his finger and said "The Harry Potter series is not a democracy". Good for you Dan! BTW, someone should have told Lipton that it's ROWLING like BOWLING. Why do so many media people still get that wrong???

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