Wizarding Lessons in Public Service

Feb 24, 2009

Posted by Doris

Complete Guide to Service LearningHarry Potter lives a life of public service. Even as a young boy he was willing to work with his friends to help the community. While Harry is a fictional character, even our non-fiction wizards and muggles can learn a little from Harry’s dedication for public service.

Recently, as interest in public service rises, I’ve had requests for books and lessons that focus on public service ideals for students. I’ve started many public service projects with kids over the years, and while I’ll highlight some of them later, I found some of my best inspiration from the kids themselves.

One awesome resource for teachers interested in including service learning in the classroom is the book The Complete Guide to Service Learning. This book has great ideas that could be integrated into any core curriculum, integrated into a club or could also be used in a stand alone curriculum as an elective.

This book offers real world projects, ideas on funding and how to sell a public service curriculum to an administrator. I’ve found many good ideas from this book and all of them have been successful in my classroom.

After the fall of The Dark Lord, I’m sure the idea of public service would have occurred to Professor McGonagall. Hopefully this book will help inspire a few teachers to create the drive for community service in the lives of a few young muggles.

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Avatar ImageLillylove says: Doris ~ I dearly love how you always manage to pull themes from Harry Potter to our day-to-day lives so eloquently! Avatar ImageDorisTLC says: Thanks Lillylove - it's interesting how so many of the themes in the novels can be related to real life.Avatar ImageVerity Weasley says: I think Hermione would have been more interested in public service than Harry. He and Ron never really shared her enthusiasm for championing the rights of others. By the way, what is the problem with these comments pages? I posted a comment on a previous blog entry but it went to page two. Whenever I tried to read page two of the comments to see what further comments were made after I posted, the link took me back to the original blog entry. I emailed TLC about the problem but it doesn't seem to have been fixed.Avatar ImageCBKaye says: How wonderful to see my book posted among the Harry Potter World! Years ago, after the first book came out, I was so smitten by Harry and his friends and escapades, that, along with a great colleague who is another Potter aficionado, led a series of workshops at service learning conferences. In fact we had a series going -- all based on HARRY and Company. Our first was Harry Potter and the Service Learning Wizards! In each workshop we work capes, had flying owls, invisibility cloaks and so on. They were great fun and also brought to the forefront all Harry and his pals did for others, and how we can, through our personal wizardry, keep the flame of service alive. I am so delighted to see my book here! And honored!Avatar Imagelibertys says: Seeing this posting was a great thrill for me. I'm not only a huge Harry Potter fan but I also have the great pleasure of managing the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse (a resource center just on service-learning). If your readers are interested in learning more about service-learning and ways they can follow Harry's model of a life of public service, we'd be delighted to help them on their way. Anyone interested can visit http://www.servicelearning.org to get free materials and help from my colleagues and me. Wishing you all the best (and looking forward to exploring your site more), LibertyAvatar ImageDorisTLC says: CBKaye - Thanks for commenting! I'm thrilled to have you around offering ideas. I have recommended your book often, and I know many kids and teachers have benefited from it. Liberty - I just added you guys to my Twitter feed. Thanks for the link - I've glanced at your site and I can see that you have many good ideas for our classrooms. DorisAvatar ImageDorisTLC says: Verity Weasley - There is a bug in our comment section that only shows the first page of comments. I've let Alex know and it should be fixed soon. Thanks for asking - DorisAvatar Imagewordsaremagic says: Hi I found a work around to the problem of getting to a second comments page (until they get the thing fixed): copy the full address of the comments page (it will end with .../comments/1). Then paste it into a new browser window and change the /1 to /2. Oddly, I couldn't seem to get it to work if I simply changed /1 to /2 in the same window. I had to open a new one. This work around is a bit clutzy, but it got me to page 2 in some of the other blogs entries.Avatar ImageThe Silver Doe music says: This looks like a good book. I started a Harry Potter club on my campus, and we'er looking for ideas to raise money for the Harry Potter Alliance, or any charity, so this looks like it could be helpful.Avatar ImageDorisTLC says: The Silver Doe - It's an awesome book with great ideas to help you set up a public service group on your campus. Good Luck and if you need any help feel free to ask. DorisAvatar ImageShane says: I am going to read this book and try to incorporate it into my classroom (when I finally get into the classroom). It sounds very interesting and like something that could not only help me to enrich the lives of others, but help to enrich my own as well. Thanks Doris!

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