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Mar 01, 2009

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One of the reasons I became a reading teacher is really pretty simple, literate adults have a world of possibilities in front of them. The opposite is true for those who are illiterate. If you’ve read my blog post on Global Literacy, you know and understand why it’s such a passion of mine. As a child with dyslexia I personally struggled to decode the foreign language on the paper in front of me, and without the love and understanding of many caring adults I shudder to think what a life without the joy of reading would have meant for me.

Today the HP Alliance has started their Accio Books campaign. While the campaign includes a cool competition amongst houses, more importantly it is putting the written word into the hands of those who can’t get books any other way. The premise of this campaign is really quite easy, just donate a few gently used books to help those who need it. You can read about it all here on HP Alliance’s Accio Books page.

As for the books I’m contributing, well many of you know I lost almost all of my books after Hurricane Ike. This hurricane rampaged into my home and left me with only the few books I carried out to the shelter we stayed in. Over the past six months many of my friends have been kind enough to replace some of my books. My plan is to donate any duplicates. I do have one copy of each of the paperback books of Harry Potter, as well as the hard back, so I’ll donate the paperback. I have to look over my other books to find out what I’m donating.

Along with Accio Books, Monday, March 2nd is also the NEA’s Read Across America celebration. You can download four Dr. Seuss books for free, and you find out how to celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday in style. I’m personally reading the day away with over 100 of the coolest kids in Texas as we spend the day reading some of our favorite fairy tales.

Literacy is an integral part of our lives. Without the skills needed to navigate our media rich world, children will fall short of their potential. It is the responsibility of all of us to share the magic of reading with all of the wizards, or muggles, amongst us. The HP Alliance and the NEA have made it easy for us to spread the joy of reading. You don’t need a wand for this one, just donate a couple of books, or a little time, and help make this world an imaginative place for just one child.

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