Accio Earth Hour

Mar 28, 2009

Posted by Doris

Earth Hour

A little over 6 months ago my family realized how much we depend on electricity. After Hurricane Ike, we had to spend 2 weeks totally without electricity. One of the many things we all discovered during these two weeks is the joy of reconnecting with our families and our neighbors.

We learned how many things there are to do without electricity. We played Monopoly again, and not on the computer, but on the actual board. We relearned how to play dominoes, sat in candle-lit driveways under the stars eating dinner with our neighbors, (This is now a weekly regular neighborhood night out) and we rediscovered the old fashioned joy of birds singing and friends laughing.

Earth hour is just 60 minutes without lights, but it’s a good opportunity to reconnect with your family and friends while doing something great for our planet. Join me in turning off your electricity for just one hour tonight.

ETA: Check out this awesome image of Hong Kong during Earth Hour. (image from FlickR)
Hong Kong during Earth Hour

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Avatar ImageLady November says: That picture is eomthing. At Eight thirty we were ready with our candles and all of the lights in our house had been shut off. Nine thirty came and continued on it's way and we had decided to just leave the lights closed for the rest of night. At around Eleven, my mother went and blew out the last candle upstairs before going to bed. my family is very concerned for these kind of things and we always do the most we can. I wish earth hour would be once a month. I wish it were a whole day instead of an hour. Nothing stops us from doing so anyhow. For once in my life, I would've liked to be living in a big city to witness others closing off all of their lights lat night. In a small town like mine, not much was done I am afraid.Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: I did participate! I was sleeping from 3PM to 8:33Pm so it was all dark when I woke up and I remembered it was Earth Hour so I groped around and danced from my iPod instead with my cat until 9:30PM but I never turned the lights back on until the next night. It was so cool that people from my flat participated too. I also hope it was once a month and for the entire day instead of just an hour and once a year. But I guess, in our own way we could do our part everyday by watching our use of energy; turning off lights and appliances when not in use and using candles when you could. Stuff like that. :)Avatar Imagemeggieloo says: My mum and I turned off the lights also, we lit candles and snuggled up beside a big fire. It's great to hear of other people who did this too. I dont think many people in Northern Ireland heard about it but we told friends and we've decided to have an earth hour as often as possible. Saving money, saving electricty and of course saving the earth is vital, especially now.:)Avatar Imagefelicitas says: I would have done it if i had known... If it makes you feel better I lived without electricity this past weekend, I wasn't home, but doing a reenactment where we lived like they did in the 1740s in St. Augustine.Avatar ImageShane says: Every year my family has a weekend 'campout' in which we use no electricity. We go all out and set up the tents, have a campfire, play games with one another, etc. All in all there are around 30 of us there (6 families), so five houses in complete darkness for the weekend. :-)Avatar Imagedior-able says: Slept over at my friends and we used candles like all night... Woo! Environment!

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