Rumor Alert: Bathilda Bagshot Casting for Deathly Hallows and More (Updated)


Apr 03, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Rumor Alert: More casting rumors today regarding the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

First up: UK character actress Hazel Douglas has reportedly been cast as Bathilda Bagshot, the author of “A History of Magic,” longtime friend to Albus Dumbledore, and unwitting source to scandal monger Rita Skeeter. Readers will also recall of course the dramatic and terrifying scenes at Godric’s Hollow involving Bathilda’s errm being. You can see her photo here. As with all of these reports, we must await official confirmation that will arrive when WB issues a formal announcement. Until then, a rumor this must remain, despite multiple solid sourcing which we at TLC believe to be accurate.

A second report arrived last night regarding the young actor Jamie Campbell Bower. A columnist for the Daily Mail states that the actor (seen recently in Sweeney Todd),” is in final
negotiations to portray Gellert Grindelwald – one of the most
dangerous dark wizards of all time (in Harry Potter lore anyway),
second only to Voldemort.” You can see photos of Jamie here in our Image galleries. The report then continues to state that the early filming for the movie is focusing on parts involving the Trio, and further notes: “The trio have done several action sequences, and Daniel and Emma
have been working with a choreographer for some big wedding scenes that
will be shot in the summer.” This would correspond of course to the wedding of Bill and Fleur, and working well with the reports TLC first told you regarding the casting of Bill Weasley, and the filming and building of the set for Shell Cottage in Wales.

UPDATE: TLC has been working independently to learn more this report of casting for young Grindlewald, and while multiple sources are unable to confirm this on the record at this time,TLC now believes this to be an accurate report. Worth noting: Jamie Campbell Bower recently stated he has been cast in the Twilight sequel “New Moon,” playing one of the Volturi Vampires, and there are multiple rumors abounding about his potential involvement in other giant blockbusters, even things such as Spidey the musical. As exciting as all of this seems, we caution that official confirmation on these and all of the other DH
casting reports of late will not arrive until WB makes their formal announcement

94 Responses to Rumor Alert: Bathilda Bagshot Casting for Deathly Hallows and More (Updated)

Avatar Imagebudgie says: I love the thought of all these details being included in the films. I wonder if the memorial to the Potters will be included too. Avatar ImageGraymayne says: Yes!!! We are getting the/a wedding!Avatar ImageProfessor Cassandra says: Interesting! Hazel Douglas doesn't really look the way I pictured Bathilda, but oh well. I think it would be kinda funny if Jamie got the part, seeing as half the HP cast was already in Sweeney Todd. He'd be great as Grindlewald!Avatar Imageleakylally says: Hmm, now I'm wondering about that too. But if they're gonna show Lily and James' old house in the movie, maybe the memorial will be included. All these reports/rumors about the 7th movie when we haven't seen the 6th makes me a bit sad. I feel like excitement for the movies are overlapping when I should be concentrating on just one! well just a thought...Avatar Imageninotsjka says: Though I think Jamie would make a great young!Grindelwald I don't think he will be cast. If only for his role in Twilight. And when I see Hazel I more think of Neville's grandmother or Great Auntie Muriel than of Bathilda Bagshot. But that is my opinion.Avatar ImageraychelMAY says: Hmm. That will be odd if Jamie does get cast, then he will be in Twilight and HP. He's perfect for the role though so I hope they give it to himAvatar ImageShane says: Awesomeness! Hazel Douglas looks like a great Bathilda. I'll hold off on an opition for Jamie until we know more...Avatar Imagephantomdave79 says: Wow! For me, that picture up there of Ms. Douglas is VERY close to how I pictured Bathilda. Awesome. And Jamie Campbell looks like he would make a great Grindelwald. I love hearing all the other details too. Seeing as they are concentrating on the trio now I would imagine that the pictures we saw a while back were from the Silver Doe scene. And the wedding! WOO HOO! I was afraid that might not even be in!Avatar Imagetwiwizardjedi says: The wedding! Yay! Funny that only Dan and Emma are working with the choreographer. Rupert's dancing skillz--he must haz them already.Avatar Imagecryospear says: Hazel Douglas looks close to what I pictured for Bathilda. Jamie Campbell looks like he could pull off Grindelwald very well. It's awesome to hear of the other items.Avatar Imageccking says: Bathilda looks greaat. but i can't wrap my head around Jamie Campbell Bower ! sweeney todd is only my favorite movie of ALL TIME. this is really out of the blue for me..Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: you know. the old lady in Big Fish? the one Helena plays? with the eye patch? that's how i saw Bathilda. minus the eye patch. Jamie looks nice for GrindelwaldAvatar ImageDumbleDork87 says: Whoa! Hazel Douglas is EXACTLY how I imagined Bathilda... I'm loving this casting news, Suze!Avatar Imagepotterversefan says: Interesting, I pictured her as a bit smaller and frail.Avatar Imagelatecomer says: These rumoured castings seem perfect! I'm a little confused about something though... by "working with a choreographer" do they mean dancing? Well, it's either that or fighting, right? And if there's dancing, surely it shouldn't be Harry and Hermione, because a) Harry doesn't look like himself at the wedding and b) Hermione dances with Ron. So it wouldn't make sense; not if they're going to follow what happens in the book. Oh, wait...Avatar ImageMistress_Of_Voldemort says: I really don't know what to think... so many death eaters and dark wizard in sweeny todd... now its grindelwald ^_^ Poor johnny i hope he gets a part.. lolAvatar Imagedcrazmo says: Didn't Jamie Campbell Bower announce a while back that he was cast to play the teenage Voldemort in HBP? Seems this kid has an overactive publicity machine. I guess he dying to be in an HP film! But if it's true this time, he'll make as good a Grindelwald as anyone. One can certainly see why a young Dumbledore would have a crush on him.Avatar ImageErinM says: I think Hazel Douglas will make a great Bathilda Bagshot. That would be fun for her if she got to act some part of the dead/snakey scenes!! Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: WHAT!!!! Ok so I'm glad that Bagshot etc is being cast - that I can TOTALLY deal with... But they forgot to say the Rupert is learning to dance... And anyway - Dan isn't even spos to be in the Wedding scene - what happened to the polyjuice? They can't dance - Harry and Hermione - spos to be Ron... They better have just forgotten!!!Avatar ImageHagrid 713 says: Good work TLCAvatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: I hope both of these actors are casted. I think both of them would suit their respective roles perfectly!Avatar ImageAbiDumbledore says: Although im glad WB are including such vital scenes i am already afraid of how scary the Bathilda scene will be!Avatar ImageSTARZOE says: wow!! its all coming together!!Avatar Imagerealspace says: THE WEDDING: My guess is that since Clémence Poésy has said that she has not been asked to return for DH, that the wedding will be Lupin and Tonks, NOT Bill & Fleur. I would prefer that they keep the Bill & Fleur storyline as is, but I am not holding my breath.Avatar ImageCeltise says: jeez that kid is getting cast in everything at the moment!Avatar ImageRavenclawForever says: Oh my goodness. I can't help but look at that sweet lady's face and imagine a snake coming out of it! I feel horrible! :(Avatar Imagej@m says: Heh. I guess Steve Kloves decided to change the R/Hr dancing scene into Harry/Hermione one. Can't say I'm surprised, Kloves never got anything right.Avatar ImageThe Niffler says: I'm so glad a wedding and Godrics Hollow scene are being kept in. I think Hazel Douglas looks great for Bathilda.Avatar Imagesupergirlinfrance says: She is so perfect , exactly how i imagined her !Avatar ImageGF_of_Seamus says: this entire article is made of WIN. if even half of it is true we are going to get a fantastic movie. also I'm not holding my breathe for the entire wedding ceremony but now I AM holding out for the reception. SQUEE!Avatar Imagej@m says: More fail than anything, if we indeed get a Harry / Hermione dance scene.Avatar Imagex_Potter_Lover_Forever_x says: Bathilda doesn't really look like I imagined but maybe with the right make-up?! And YES YES YES we are getting the weeding scene after so much speculation! YAY that has just offically made my day! LOL x :D Happy, happy, happy! H-A-P-P-Y :D :) :D :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxAvatar ImageDanielaNC says: Please WB, let this be true! Jamie Campbell looks absolutetly perfect for young Gridelwald and he was great on Sweeney Tood. And they're filming the wedding! That's awesome, I hope they keep all of the R-Hr goodness in. I'm going to assume the choreography Dan and Emma are involved with it's for the fight. In the book they're together when the Death Eaters arrive and Ron joins them later so they probably do some fighting to escape. Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: I'm loving the casting news but why is Dan and Emma dancing together? And are we going to get Bill and Fleur at the wedding or just the action around it?Avatar ImageMatea says: this all sounds good to me! good casting! and I'm really interested how they're going to do Bill/Fleur.Avatar ImageLeander21 says: i actually did imagine her looking like herAvatar Imagemaera-kyrie says: Ohh I hope these rumours are true!Avatar Imagemouse68 says: " hope both of these actors are casted" I don't mean to sound offensive, especially if English is not your first language, but I see this mistake ALL THE TIME amongst Harry Potter fans. There is NO such word as casted. The word is cast!! A person can be both a "member of the cast" and "cast in a role" they are not "casted" because there is no such word in the english language!! Sorry, again, I don't mean to sound rude but the use of this non existent word on every HP fansite I visit drives me nuts!Avatar Imageginmo says: If that guy were to get the part, then that would be FOUR people from Sweeney Todd who are in HP films. haha. It's like... a harry potter people musical. Avatar ImageeiVega says: Woah...just the way her head is slightly bent over in this photo...I can already see the snake coming out of her neck! So scary! This is going to be intense!Avatar ImageeiVega says: Whoops! I got so carried away I commented without even finishing the article. Grindelwald too??!! They're including him!! That's amazing!! I'm so excited about these little casting announcements. It makes me hopeful!Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: Wow if that is who they are casting as Bathilda then they are doing a good job, because that is how I imagined Bathilda when reading DH.Avatar Imageharrypotterbookpurist says: I am really looking forward to that part in the movie and also the horcrux Harry and Hermione scene. Also I want to see the trio on the Dragon, Harry and Voldemort dueling at the end and Harry talking to Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmaster's office. I also want to see Snape's Memories, because that is a very sad part of the book.Avatar Imageselene21 says: coolAvatar Imageslwarren says: Fantastic news all around (once confirmed, of course). It will be interesting to see who they cast as Fleur...wonder if Clemence Posey will be back or not? And I wonder if we'll see Charlie Weasley this time around? Surely, one cannot have a huge Weasley family event like this without everyone there! Charlie has to take a break from those Romanian dragons sometime (in the films, at least)!Avatar ImageJaymie Brooks says: They better keep the Bathilda Bagshot scene as violent and gore-filled as possible. This is their last chance to shock the audience! I read that part of the book three o'clock in the morning, and even READING about it shocked me. Imagine what they could do with special effects? I don't want Bathilda to turn into Nagini, I want Nagini to rip herself out of Bathilda's mouth with blood flying everywhere. They made Nagini attacking Mr. Weasley violent and OoTP was still PG-13, so why can't this? Afterall, HBP is PG, so the MPAA is obviously getting more accepting with their ratings.Avatar ImageIwishIwas@Hogwarts says: not a bathilda i was picturing but thats cool...can see the Grindelwald. I wonder who they are going to get to play Albus when hes younger. hmmmm...something to ponder..Avatar Imageweasleyalltheway says: well it looks like she would fit the part! i'm glad they are keeping that part :DAvatar Imageele0206 says: I think she looks like Bathilda, a little younger than I imagined old Bagshot, but it's ok. I love all these little spoilers they let us know, it does remember me that the movies are so near!!!!!!!!!Avatar ImageJustSuperMione says: Jamie Campbell Bower as Gellert Grindelwald is funny. The pictures of him in the Leaky Gallery has him next to Sir Ian McKellen (can't spell)... He's the actor I want him to play older Grindelwald... And the good thing is that Jamie and Ian look similiar!!!Avatar Imagepotterhead23 says: Yes cast the Jamie guy! He was awesome in Sweeney Todd, is super sexy, and would make an amazing Grindelwald. Avatar ImageHermioneRon4ever says: I like this casting, neither is really how I pictured them but I think Hazel could pull it off and Jamie sounds like a good actor! Woaa! My favourite part of thisis talk about the wedding!!!Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: I always pictured Bathilda more frail than that... But Jamie! He looks perfect for Grinddelwald. And he's playing Caius in New Moon! YAY!Avatar ImageHROAR Mudblood Proud says: I hope Jamie will be playing Grindelwald. I don't really care whether or not he's in Twilight, I loved him in Sweeney Todd and think he'd make a great Grindelwald.Avatar ImageHPNAIV says: I saw Bathilda as the woman who played Mrs. Figg in OOTP! :) Haha. Just how I thought Bathilda looked like even though it's far from her description in the books. But yeah, hopefully this rumour is true! As for Jamie ... Uhm, well. He's a great singer and a great actor. But the fact that's he's apart of New Moon makes me upset. I don't want any Twilightness in DH. Then fangirls from the T-word fandom will just come and watch it and be like "ZOMG!" Ugh. I hope Jamie doesn't get cast. Just my opinion. I just HATE T-word. =/ I don't hate Jamie, but I hate Twilight.Avatar Imagefloridianhp says: cooolAvatar ImageJTEL99 says: Jamie Bower looks perfect for young Grindelwald!Avatar Imagemollywobble says: Do we have confirmation on how many months Emma will be filming? We know filming lasts for a year, but that Daily Mail blog also said they are cramming in as many Emma scenes as possible before she heads off to school. That means they'd have to finish all her scenes no later than mid-august (if she comes to the US), leaving several months of filming without her. Do you think she'll film more scenes over holiday breaks?Avatar Imageabandonedboyjon says: love(!) jamie's look. wasn't he one of the actors rumored for teenaged voldemort in hbp? I remember seeing his picture way back when. anyway, they are including young grindelwald, thank god. I know it's a lot to ask but maybe there will be some scenes with young albus and gellert - like sending letters in the middle of the night, thats my favorite. and yay for bathilda! I want to see that nagini scene so bad. Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: @potterversefan same here, didn't expect her to look so elderly either. but the update was good, and she seems quite of the author for "a history of magic" from the details.Avatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: WOW Jamie Bower sure is raking up those roles, isn't he? The Bathilda casting is ...interesting.Avatar ImageKimberlyZ says: hmmm now where else have i seen her?Avatar Imageavrenim says: yay!! we're getting the wedding scenes!!Avatar Imagepenguin_freak says: She looks exactly what I thought Bathilda looked like!Avatar Imagekayzz says: Hate to sound like a fangirl and Jamie's in Twilight too so I sound like even more of one, but Jamie is PRETTY and I think he would make a great young Grindelwald. Hazel looks awesome for Bathilda, I guess I never had a picture in my mind of what she'd look like because i kept thinking of the snake, so that's fine with me. The Dan and Emma thing makes me happyhappyhappy-I was crossing my fingers, toes, and tonsils for the wedding to be in, but i'm a bit confused as to the only Dan and Emma doing it thing, but i suppose Rupert maybe hasn't started filming yet, (or just has sick mad dancing skills and has no need for a choreographer) , but Harry doesn't dance at the wedding with anyone, so that's kinda odd. yay! casting!Avatar Imagecghambright says: God she's Perfect!! I have chills just looking at her. That scene freaks me OUT to this day! I can't think about it or I won't be able to sleep!!!! Yikes!Avatar Imagecghambright says: I think Jamie Campbell Bower would be PERFECT as yound Grindlewald. He has the right look. Almost exactly how I pictured him. So I really hope this is true. He was great in Sweeney kinda sucks that he's also in Twilight because that's probably just going to increase the whole HP vs. Twilight bullcrap! But oh well, GREAT CASTING!!!Avatar Imageangelac123 says: AWESOME!!! :DAvatar ImageGobbledygook says: YAY!!!!Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: I love Jamie for young Grindelwald! :D And I wanna see a young Dumbledore soon! Squee!!! I wanna see scenes of the young Dumbledore and Grindelwald like, right now! :DAvatar Imagebecmajec says: sweeeeeet wedding bathilda grindelwald awesome. Avatar Imagebella vita says: Oh for the love of god just cast Clemence Poesy and be done with it so I can finally relax a little! Glad to hear the wedding news and I think Jamie makes a far better Grindlewald than he does Caius from New Moon. He is WAY too young to play Caius (horrible casting choice), but absolutely perfect for Grindlewald!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: Wow, that's a lot of casting information to take in...i'm glad that these characters are being cast and that a wedding scene is being planned!Avatar ImageKayla87 says: I think both are perfect! Pretty close to how I pictured them:)Avatar ImageChristy says: Yes! Great!Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: Not how I imagined Bathilda exactly, but that's okay! I'm excited that they are having her in the movies. YAY! There will definitley be the wedding scenes. New Moon comes out before DH, so we will be able to see if he is a good actor or not. Does anyone know which Volturi vampire he will play? :/Avatar ImageThe Sorting Hat says: Maybe this will be a musical! Please no...Avatar Imagelisajean65 says: I agree with potterversefan. I pictured Bathilda Bagshot smaller. Maybe the size of Mrs. Figg. Great to hear something about the wedding. I can't wait for July 17th!Avatar Imageeasyluckyfree says: So glad Jamie's in on this. Great guy for the role.Avatar ImagewrockfangirlSQUEE says: WEDDING SCENES FREAKING SQUUEEEE MCWONDERFULLLLAvatar Imagekenmarekestrels93 says: awesome! i can't wait to see the dh moviesAvatar ImageLupa says: I guess Hazel will make a decent Bathilda, although I also pictured her more fragile looking. Let's wait and see what she'll look like in costume. Even if she doesn't end up looking perfect for the role, nothing can beat what they made of Tonks for me. Not only wasn't Nat Tena really suited for the role physically, but I also have to cringe every single time she says "DON'T call me Nymphadora!!!". She never managed to pull off Tonks' character, in my opinion. Sorry. Off topic. Ahem. So yeah, great news. Yay.Avatar Imagesiriuslysirius11 says: Oh my gosh, that's so cool! Anthony (Jamie Campbell) as Grindelwald! I think he'll be really good!Avatar Imagesiriuslysirius11 says: And I think Hazel Douglas will be all right as Bathilda Bagshot, too, but she's not how I pictured her. I still think Johnny Depp should play Xenophilius Lovegood. :)Avatar Imagevandy says: i imagined her a bit more smallAvatar Imagebadger666 says: Very interesting. And there's going to be a wedding, yay!Avatar ImageSidish_black6 says: Thats great. . . . .Avatar ImageethanHP says: Great, the wedding will be included! I prefer if Harry looks like Harry, it would confuse people if they put other actor. The choreography doesn't have to be for a dance, it can be for an action secuence. But I wouldn't mind seeing them dance, it could be a nice scene! I can't wait to hear Dan and Emma talk about it. I wonder how they're going to do to include Rita Skeeter's plot, maybe they'll show Harry readirng the newspaper or buying the book?Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: I am just glad there is going to be a wedding. Avatar ImageVideoKID says: Yay :DAvatar ImageHorcruxalej says: i would have to say she looks perfect for the part. Avatar ImagemOOn-stArs-sUn says: I imagined her differently, but she would be good for the part.Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: ok cool :) <<--- Add Me On Myleaky :]Avatar ImageAvangelis says: wow i wouldn't want to see a snake pop out of her. she looks so fragile

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