Madam Hooch’s Wizarding Workouts for Kids

Apr 28, 2009

Posted by Doris

Texas A&M Quidditch TeamDon’t you wish you could fly? I often watch Sorcerer’s Stone, with Harry’s first ride on a broom, wishing I could have just one ride. Unfortunately, that brand of magic is something I can’t make happen.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that obesity rates in our children have tripled since 1980. As a teacher, I wonder what kind of magic can help us solve this problem. If Madam Hooch was our P.E. Coach, what would she do?

First, this problem is more complex then just one or two lessons. While we can teach our kids about health and proper diet, many lessons on fitness are also learned at home.

One thing teachers can do is focus on the fun in fitness. When I was in school I can remember playing basketball, vollyball and running during our P.E. classes. Today, students learn archery, aerobics and line dancing to help stay fit. Even Harry’s favorite sport (Muggle style of course) has moved into our school systems and is gaining popularity. (Notice my personal favorite University Muggle Quidditch team, from Texas A&M University)

By making P.E. classes more diverse and teaching students sports they can have fun with, we open up the minds of our kids to new fitness options. If you are a P.E. teacher and have any ideas on how to make P.E. classes more fun, or more original please feel free to share in our Teacher’s Tearoom on the Leaky Lounge.

A special thanks to The Texas A&M Muggle Quidditch team for letting me show off their awesome team pictures, and to Ashpags
for letting me use her images from Flick’R.
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Avatar Imagemhaeyemhaeye says: That is so cool. I myself hate PE or any kind of sport but when Water Quidditch was created by my Harry Potter friends, I always want to join. Maybe because it's Potter related and sort of magical in some way. *laughs* I love it. I always say that my favorite sport is Quidditch whether land or water or in the sky. People sometimes don't get it. But it's fun, it does help me exercise a bit. Thanks for sharing that blog! :DAvatar ImageDorisTLC says: I think if more teachers start looking at the possibilities around them, and more of those creative teachers share excellent ideas, we'll find more of a variety in our PE classes. Thanks for sharing!Avatar ImageSMM says: This is a great post on a website like this! The more we know and talk about stuff like this the more interested people become - so so important!Avatar ImageR-for-H says: I would love to do that!! It seems amazing and sooooooooo much fun!!Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: That's so cool that they have Quidditch for universities! I love volleyball, soccer, and basketball, so you think I would love gym- but no, sadly our teacher makes us wave around scarves and do nothing really... biggest waste of time ever!Avatar Imageghostflyer says: thats so coolAvatar ImageFresca says: Making a game out of exercise always works for me. Avatar Imagedeath_eater9994 says: Oh I wish my gym teacher would play Quidditch in our school...she never will though; she doesn't even let us play dodgeball...she says it's too dangerous.Avatar ImageMRC316 says: I would go to Texas A&M solely to play quidditch.Avatar ImageLlamaLover says: I so want to join a quidditch team! =DAvatar Imageshakespeare81 says: I'm all for sports and activity, Quidditch is no exception. I play sports all of the time, and I know for a fact that being physically active keeps you healthy and happy. I'm sending a shout out to all of the kids on this website. Go outside and run around... burn some of that sugary energy you store all day. Get together with yoru friends, spread the fun and let them know about this cause. Tell them about the Quidditch in Universities as well (all the better if they are Harry Potter fans). So strop reading this and go jump around, shoot some hoops, or play catch. Whatever keeps you active!!! :D

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