Tom Felton Talks About Draco Malfoy in “Deathly Hallows”


Jul 01, 2010

Posted by Mel

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) has a new interview with MTV where he discusses both how he sees the character of Draco Malfoy overall, and how his character will be playing out in “Deathly Hallows”:

“From my character’s point of view, a lot has been left to
interpretation,” Felton said, pinpointing an important-yet-subtle moment
from the final film, in which Draco is tasked with the painful decision
of whether to help or hinder his nemesis’ progress. “[There is] one
take where you want to help Harry. The books, I think, kind of left it
up to the interpretation of the reader, really, so one way you
internally want to help him, the other side where you’re just confused,
so I’m intrigued to see which bits David [Yates] cuts out of it.”

The rest of the article details Felton’s opinion of Draco Malfoy’s character, including how J. K. Rowling described him as “vulnerable.” You can read more here and see the latest trailer for both parts of “Deathly Hallows” in our Video Galleries.

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Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: First!!! Poor Tom. Must have been difficult for him.Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: poor thing it must have been very difficlt for him.Avatar Imagemolly43 says: The article says he is sometimes a "vulnerable villain". I've never seen him in tht light- just a bully and a confused/misguided person sometimesAvatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Difficult time for him...Avatar Imageele0206 says: Love Tom, he's always so lovely and kind. <3Avatar Imagemark707 says: i think tom is the only actor who preforms like a real wizardAvatar ImageLuce_depp says: god dammit! If they turn draco into the nice guys i'm going to scream...fangirls of course will go crazy! I've never seen draco as reformed...he merely did what his did and hid it all from everyone and admitted defeat...Avatar ImageLuce_depp says: epic spelling errors... he merely did what his dad didAvatar Imagemrh216 says: That moment when Draco is asked to identify the Trio at Malfoy Manor is my favorite Draco moment ever. I hope they don't cut it! Avatar ImageTheRealSlytherinHeir says: I'm really intrigued to see how they choose to portray Draco in the last movie, but I'm sure Tom did an amazing job as usual!Avatar ImageGryffindor Cutie says: I do think that Draco is both a bully and vulnerable. You see that on film, especially in HBP. He is given a task but can't fulfill it because he always seemed to be dealing with his inner turmoil. He seemed stressed out all the time. In the beginning of course he was nothing but a straight out bully but as he got older he became more complicated. Just like he said in the article, he has poor examples for parents. Harry has no parents but look at all the parental influences he has. I'm going to be very intrigued as well to see which scene they choose in DH.Avatar Imagemagicmaniac says: i agree with gryffindor cutieAvatar Imagedevilskinn says: heart pounding. love this in HP: so much room for interpretation! Fact of the matter is that for me only Voldemort was insurmountably evil. Avatar Imagejaclyngirl713 says: I love how seriously these guys take this movie. I don't think you guys realize how easily this whole movie series could have failed. Tom's right!Avatar Imagejaclyngirl713 says: I love how seriously these guys take this movie. I don't think you guys realize how easily this whole movie series could have failed. Tom's right!Avatar ImageMoose_Starr says: Yeah I love how the actors take their character and, the movies in general, so seriously. They are as big HP fans as we are lol. It will be interesting to see what version of Draco they cut for the movie but, I hope they dont make him out to be something that he's not. He's a slimy thug of a bully. If things hadnt gone bad for LV and the DEs, if life had gone on the way it had previously, I doubt very much that Draco would have decided to turn himself into a Mister Nice Guy, in my opinion he would have grown up to be very much like Lucius.Avatar Imagemalfoyblacklestrange says: omg i think he's got a great point about draco...personally i only saw him as a pureblood git until the 6th book/movie, that's when you could really see the vulnerable side of draco come out...btw i watched the video on MTV...sorry, tom, but you look better with blonde hair. all there is to it. :)Avatar ImageNumeroUnoFan says: go scar and toss his hands off the edge of the cliffAvatar ImageIloveDobby says: I've always thought of Draco as just misguided by his parents and people who he looks up to.I think Tom Felton did such a great job of pratraying Draco in the HBPAvatar Imagejhangelgurl says: Tom is amazing<3 Can't wait to see his great acting in the last film.Avatar ImageHermione Elizabeth says: Gotta love Tom! :)Avatar ImageLittle Light says: I agree with Slytherins do it better!!Avatar ImageAnna Weasley says: Good article. I see what Tom means when Draco and Harry are two sides of the same coin. I definitely new Draco was vulnerable and I don't doubt that his parents are bad role models. "He damn if does and he's damn is doesn't" Avatar Imagehewy says: Tom is such a great actor. It is a shame that some of the littler fans are so afraid of him when they meet him for the first time. He had a little of that problem at the opening of WWoHP. He's right about Draco though- damned either way.Avatar Imagewhyalltheglitter says: It's so true! Draco is going through such a hard time at the moment, and Tom portrays him phenomenally!!!Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: I think he should help. But whatever David Yates does I am sure will be awesome!Avatar Imagem draco malfoy says: Love Tom, he’s always so lovely and kind Tom did the best as usual and he is the only actor who preforms like a real wizard love u tom Avatar Imagem draco malfoy says: hi is emma watson tom's girl firend? i don't like her tom is more better than she maybe you are not agree with me but it's not important i just tell my idea and i respect ur idea

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