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Jan 20, 2011

Posted by: SuperJenn

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The New Year has come and gone, and with it my ambition to start anything new. This is not to say I will NOT start anything new. As a matter of fact, I absolutely plan to start something new. Just as soon as I finish all those projects I started…oh, about this time LAST year. Let’s see…I managed to finish the sweater for my mother’s 2009 Christmas present…in MAY. Subsequently, I finished TWO brand new ideas (and by brand new, I mean projects started in the fall) in the form of hats for myself and my youngest wizard. But my two older wizards keep threatening to hex me if I don’t finish the hats I promised them, as well. I’ve been working on one of them since before Thanksgiving, and the other one I haven’t even started yet!!! I feel that I have good reason, as I work in the local Madam Puddifoot’s here in my home town, and during the holidays, those types of places can get all sorts of crazy busy with the shoppers rushing home with their treasures and all.
That said, I am only a few rounds away from finishing my third hat of the season, and on to my fourth. What I wouldn’t give for a set of Molly’s charmed knitting needles! But my ambition doesn’t stop there. I do intend to continue my journey through the afghan squares I started this time last year. And also the sweater I started for myself longer ago than that. But I have determined that I am a hat person. Did I mention that in my last post? I may have. Some people are sock knitters. Some people fly through sweaters. Some people are scarf-ers. I…I have determined that I am a hatter. I must take after Hermione in that respect. With nothing else going on in my life, I can finish a hat in a matter of hours. It’s a small project, giving an almost-instant-gratification feeling of completion, and I don’t have to make a match to wear it (yes, all you who say socks are simple and quick – I say, sure…for the first one. But the you want me to make another one???)
So my challenge to myself this year is to confirm that I am indeed a hat knitter – in doing so, I will be designing my first hat ever…by the end of the year. Ask me in December how close I am. What is your crafting challenge? What type of knitter are you?

Crafty Witch Jo Anne (a.k.a. JavaStix)

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