The Path to True Craftiness

Feb 14, 2011

Posted by SuperJenn

I haven’t always been as crafty as I am now. I learnt to knit when I was young but because my mum wasn’t a great knitter I could only do basic things. I taught myself (through trial and error!) how to do cabling on a jumper. For several years I didn’t do any knitting as I was just too busy raising my family and working part time.

Then came my first PC that could be connected up to the internet. It opened up a whole new world for me. Over several years I found my way to sites where I could discuss my love of Harry Potter with other adults. Through these sites I made several wonderful friends. Several of these friends were crafty and they spoke with passion about their crafts. They showed off these pictures of wonderful things they had created. It piqued my interest. I decided I was going to learn a new craft. But what to learn? Several of my friends crocheted and I adored the things they made. So I bought myself a hook and got some cheap yarn and went on youtube. From there I learned how to crochet.

Just over 2 years later I find myself on the verge of learning another new craft. I have watched a lot of my new friends post pictures of paper-pieced quilt blocks and create these wonderful quilts. This is my new venture. I am getting a new sewing machine at the end of the month and some fabric. I am expecting a lot of mistakes and frustration along the way but I am also very excited about this.

Who would have thought that a series of 7 books could have led me to learning 2 new crafts?

Happy Crafting!

Crafty Witch Ann-Marie (a.k.a. auntypsycho)

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Avatar Imageiris lily says: i might try some of those after my exams.... something to take my mind off thingsAvatar Imagekwidener says: Personally, I find it easiest to crochet despite the fact that knitting is Hermione's plan to free the house elves. The one-hook action makes it easier to keep everything organized and it also makes the project go much faster. Avatar ImagePotterLover7 says: I just made a pair of robes from scratch!!! Best craft I ever made (besides super cardboard houses) and all because of good old HarryAvatar Imageladydars says: Oh I've been wanting to take up knitting and crochet! What an excellent motivator: To have more HP paraphenalia! :-)Avatar ImageHogwartsLover says: I think you will be a great crafter. I love to knit, actually, right now I am knitting a gryffindor scarf!Avatar Imagepatriciaenola says: I do a lot of Craftwork - knitting Cross-stitch pictures and embroidery I have the "name" of patriciaenola and I want to put an avatar on my messages but it does not seem to work for me - any ideas ??Avatar ImageHarryPotterSpell says: i have never nit or crochet but i have made a couple things out of wood and cardbord and i am planing to make a lot of things maby when i get good enough with wood to make a model hogwartsAvatar Imagetubby3pug says: I am trying to knit or crochet because of hte books. Im 33 and never knitted before. Now Im half way through my first hogwarts scarf. I loved seeing the sweaters at the HP exhibit at the discovery center in NYCAvatar Imagechristubeyish says: oh, that's really good! i've never really shown any interest in knitting despite the fact that my grandmother does it at home.

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