Leaky’s Coverage of “Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ North American Premiere


Jul 13, 2011

Posted by John Admin

Images and videos from Leaky’s coverage of the North American premiere of “Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ in New York City is now online.

Our first video is with director David Yates, producer David Heyman, and screenwriter Steve Kloves. Heyman talked to Leaky some more about the as-yet-untitled documentary by filmmaker Morgan Matthews that was shot during production of the final film, and also revealed that Part 1 is currently being converted to 3D for a future DVD release.

The second video features Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) talking about their best moments from “Part 2,” future plans, and more.

Update: Our photos from the red carpet can also be found in the galleries and include all of the aforementioned actors, in addition to Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Alan Rickman (Severus Snape).

34 Responses to Leaky’s Coverage of “Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ North American Premiere

Avatar ImageMaestra2 says: On our way to the midnight show right NOW!Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: That's great! But, not to sound rude, but how many more premieres are there? xDAvatar ImageWON_TWO says: I am getting premiered out!Avatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: I jus saw the filmAvatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: Just* sorry about thatAvatar ImagePotionsMaster7 says: I saw the film.....it was magical.....I feel just like Harry. A part of my soul is gone but the memory of its presence still remains.....HP4EVER! Avatar ImageStixvix says: Just back from the premier at Silvercity Ottawa. This movie was amazing. They got the final movie totally right. JK must be happy with the way they ended it. Amazing!Avatar Image1prod4 says: Hi HP's Followers! 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Have fun everyone going to watch the movie!!!! Avatar Imageazaadpotter says: Thanks a bunch leaky guysAvatar Imagemencia says: Aww it's really ended! I prefer the book though because they changed so much! everything I anticipated was either changed or omitted, harry & voldy's battle was a downright disappointment! the epilogue could also have been better, no mention of teddy lupin at all & james sirius also wasn't funny, they only really focused on albus severus, but the make-up was awesome. I enjoyed the prince's tale, the resurection stone scene, king's cross, hermione & ron's kiss and the gringotts break-in. But overall it's a good film just not what I expected :-( well at least there's pottermore to look forward to :-) Avatar Imagedoublecore says: Well, Let me start off by saying THANK YOU LEAKY CAULDRON.You as well as HARRY have been a huge part of my life.We saw the movie last night and it was AWESOME!!! I think it has moved into first place overtaking POA. MRS Weasley was t great"NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH' Best line in the movie. Its been a great ride and i am not ready to get off yet so we are going back for the 9:00 am show today. Working on only 3 hours of sleep. Cant wait to see it again.And like JK said HOGWARTS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO WELCOME YOU.I am sure the LEAKY CAULDRON WILL DO THE SAME. Time to go now..From DOUBLECORE HEADMASTER OF THE HARRY POTTER MOVIE GROUP :)Avatar ImageFoxGlove says: @ Mencia THANK YOU! You said exactly what I was thinking! Why on earth is everyone saying it did the book justice? I'm sorry, but I just re-read book seven and went to the midnight showing. They changed so much it was unreal. It felt a watered down cliffs notes version of HP. And Voldemort's death was totally ridiculous. No one even clapped. (Because we already saw the end and it was called Peter Jackson's Return of the King. And he did it BETTER.) There WERE some really awesome scenes that sort of redeemed the movie - quite a few...Gringotts, the Room of Requirement and the fiendfyre, The Chamber of Secrets was an added thing, but really awesome, The Prince's Tale was amazing (seriously wonderful) and lots of other great scenes that made you cheer and cry - but the end was just so anti-climatic - such a total waste of what could have been so great. Sorry guys, Im ranting. I dont want to ruin it for anyone. But I was totally looking forward to this last one and I was depressed that they changed so much and left so much out. I know, I know, cinema is different than books! But I feel like they could have done a way better job with a lot of it. Especially when you reflect that they 'spared no expense.' Avatar Imagemencia says: @Leere thank you too! I thought I was missing something because everyone else says the movie was great. it is a good movie but it really didn't do the book justice at all!! but it's a direct result of the half-blood prince movie, they omitted and changed so much in that movie from the book and so much of book six is in deathly hallows, so they couldn't keep to the book. part one was so much better than part two for in my oppinion. I was so excited to go see it but so disappointed, although some scenes were really great. you are so right, voldemort's death was just second rate. personally I think at least that part should have been kept to the book, there was no need to change it, it's perfect as it's written. a more fitting ending where voldemort discover's his errors regarding the wand and snapes story too. ah well they tried their best and it's not a bad movie but certainly not the best, I still consider the goblet of fire as my favorite movie. Avatar Imagehe_who_must_not_be_nicknamed says: ^^ I'm gonna guess that your "mug of butterbeer" is half-empty? lol I thought the movie was fantastic! I'm extremely familiar with the books and I, for one, was majorly impressed with how much of the dialogue was taken verbatim from passages in the book. Not full passages, perhaps, but enough that I felt very much that the movie was doing the book justice. Of course, there were tiny moments here and there from the books that I really hoped I'd see visualized - Percy's reunion with the Weasleys, the scene in Ravenclaw tower between Harry/McGonagall, McGonagall threatening Slughorn that they'd "duel to kill", Harry talking with Dumbledore's portrait after the battle, etc - but in no way do I feel the movie was a let down because they weren't there. The stuff that *was* there more than made up for it. And some of the things that were changed/added were welcome improvements! I feel no shame in saying that I cried harder than I ever have during a movie in the scene where Harry tells Ron/Hermione that he's going to the forest - a big change from the book, but a wonderful and heartbreaking scene! Best scene in the movie, in my opinion - followed closely by the Resurrection Stone scene and Prince's Tale, both of which were more perfectly realized than I would have believed possible. Let's remember that an adaptation *requires* modification. It's part of the bloody definition of the word, ffs. I prefer, personally, the Ron/Hermione kiss from the book, but it only fits in the book because of the background of S.P.E.W. It wouldn't be as effective in the movie. The kiss in the movie *fit* within the movie. And if the final duel between Harry and Voldemort had been done exactly as in the book - I think *that* would have seemed anticlimactic in comparison to the rest of the movie. Some things have to be changed! I love the books *and* I love the movies. To paraphrase a quote from one of my favorite movies - I live on both sides of the fence and, as such, the grass is always green. Avatar ImageRUSIRIUS says: Haven't slept since the midnight show last night and heading out to the 1pm matinee this afternoon...No sleep till Hogwarts!Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: @Doublecore: I'm working with just 3 hours of sleep too!!! I just finished a Starbucks with a double shot of coffee... I hope it helps. I feel so tired but happy to already have seen HP7.II. I think that it was amazing, I cried for 90% of the movie... actually I think I stopped crying for a moment at the end of it (before the epilogue)... I, particulary, didn't like the Harry-Voldemort battle that much. It was epic, yes... but soooooo different from the book!!!! Nagini should've been in a cristal case and Harry should've told Neville to finish Nagini off and not Hermione and Ron! Was it sooo difficult to stick to the book for such an important part? Snape also shouldn't have shared his memories with tears... and what was that pensieve about???? Why couldn't they made it out of stone? Anyways, the memories of the Halfblood Prince were touching, I felt I had a really close encounter with my feelings!!!! Avatar ImageMad But Happy says: Loved the last movie! They did the same things they did in other films (didn't give too much nod to secondary characters, story-arcs, and some details), but the movie itself was not ruined because of it. In was, infact, one of the better ones in the series (in my opinion). Neville, Molly, Ron, etc. all got their moments of glory. I'm glad we went out on a high note! It's so sad to see it go... but hey, Pottermore to look forward to! ;) People were BAWLING as they walked out of the theatre, though... I felt like doing so, myself.Avatar ImageBeazle says: I have now seen DH2 twice and I feel it is the best of the Potter films despite its deep flaws. Once again, Harry /Ginny is simply unbelievable-the two actors have zilch physical attraction for each other-that is clear. One would like to think that two 20 somethings would know a little bit about sexual passion- not an ounce here I am afraid. Ron and Hermoine's snog well- at least we have two actors who seem to have a bit of experience with things romantic- but Body Heat it ain't. The death of Voldemort was anticlimactic to say the least- why change the book's ending ????? Bad decision. Prince's Tale=fantastic; Dumbledore's back story - non existent.Avatar ImageVane-Ale says: OMG! I didn't realize, until know, that Dumbledore's back story didn't appear, we didn't get to see anything about Ariana until very late in this last installment... anyhow, it should've appeared on DH1... Avatar ImageFree Elf says: I saw the movie last night and it was AWESOME! I think it is one of the best of all! It actually got me to cry, which none of the other movies had done yet. Wow, people really went nuts where I live, and I actually saw some guy who had painted his car to have eyeglasses and a lightning scar! Now I kind of wish i had done more... but I did dress up as Hermione!Avatar Imageiloveronweasley16 says: Saw the film last night at the midnight premiere. Of course things were changed and some things left out, but that's what has to be done for a movie. The Ron and Hermione kiss was simply great! (: And I loved all of the dialogue. It pulled a lot of it straight from the book, which i really liked.This movie is by far the best and it got me VERY teary eyed!! Avatar Imagepotter_monkey says: oh my gosh the movie was epic! so sad that it all ended, trully very sad. but it will always be in all of our hearts.Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I really dont see how anyone can say the movie was less than perfect. Yes thing were cut out and changed, but they always have seen so that really should come as a surprise. I was 98% happy with everything, this was the best movie by far, so much was taked right from the book and the dialogue was word per word at times which gave me chills. And Neville and McGonagall, they were AMAZING, I loved how they added that bit about Neville and Luna. Such a treat from us who ship them! And boy did I cry! Starting when you first hear Hedwigs Theme on to the very end my eyes were hardly dry. You could here the sniffle throughout the theater. Part 2 was the best most amazing thing I have ever seen! :)Avatar Imagebeewell says: Just saw the movie today and it was awesome. Of course there were parts that I wished had been put into the movie and/or not changed from the books but overall, it was great. Wish it could have been longer but hey...was good and I am going to see it again and again! Missed the midnight showing but that is not going to stop me from wishing I had been there!Avatar ImageBeazle says: LunaLuva- I can certainly say the movie was "less than perfect" but having said that, it is clearly the best of the HP movies. However, the Luna/Neville angle is foolish (we all know he ends up with Hannah Abbot) and Bonnie Wright is conformed as possibly the worst actor ever to appear in a major picture. In fact she is so bad, that she is wisely given no lines at all in this film being reduced to looking as wooden as a statue for various periods of time. As ever, there is too much Hermoine but there is now no point in complaining about that fetish. On the plus side -the Princes Tale, The Forest Again and Kings Cross Station are absolutely magnificent. MAJOR FLAW IN CONTINUITY - NO ONE ACTUALLY SEES HARRY DEFEAT VOLDEMORT - THEY WILL HAVE TO TAKE HIS WORD FOR IT !!!Avatar ImageLoonyMaddie3 says: Wow, lucky ducks. I wish I was there. JEALOUS!Avatar ImageHalfbloodPrince08 says: I saw it , great!!!Avatar ImageMadeye Carl says: Satisfying ... I laughed/cheered riding the dragon. Sad ... you just can't predict when a scene is going to draw you in and bring out tears. I thought for the moment Fred dying is not deep, but soon after that a scene hits you. Monumental ... I compare the movie to breaking the union power in Wisconsin. Avatar Imagepaskunia says: I can't wait for the vids of the three-hour versions of each the last four movies, so we can see what they cut out. PS Where the blazes was Percy? I know he came back to join the fight (See what I mean?).Avatar ImageGiant Squid says: So many videos!!Avatar Imagehandhrfan18 says: i loved the videos!Avatar Imagemencia says: @ he_who_must_not_be_nicknamed, I appreciate your opinion, you are entitled to it just as I am to mine. I do like the movie but it's not my fav and it certainly didn't do the book justice in my opinion. we all had stuff that we envisaged and were certainly, if not a li'l disappointed that they were left out. that being said, I certainly like the kiss of Ron & Hermione as had mentioned in my very first comment had you taken the trouble to read it and a few others that I liked. I know it's an adaptation and won't be precise to the book but there are a few movies that were closer to the book especially the first two, but they can't include everything which understand, but they did change a lot and it's a fact. that said I am sad that it all ended, no more movies or books to look forward to but as Jo said we will always have the books and dvd's to go back to and there's still Pottermore too :) I'm certainly gonna go back to the cinema as many times as I can until it stops running because perfect or not it's still harry potter and I love it nonetheless

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