2011 Pensieve Diving Contest

Oct 01, 2011

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2011 Pensieve Diving Contest

We decided to try the Pensieve Diving Contest (aka Memories Contest)
again this year! We’ll see how it goes and perhaps will do it again next
year if it is still well received. Once again, if you feel you need a
reminder of some sort, please “like” our Facebook page. We
will update there when a new memory has been posted. Not too many
changes for 2011: We will avoid any ambiguous answers (i.e. the “soul”
incident last year); we will be providing you with 5 Memories this year
so the contest will end in the beginning of November; and we are
awarding a point for each answer (i.e., 2 pts per memory). Now let the
fun begin!

Have you heard? Hogwarts has been opened to muggles! The enchantments
that befuddle muggles into seeing only a dangerous ruin have been
lifted. Muggles can tour the grounds and castle proper, sit in on a
lesson on history of magic, and we heard rumors of some getting to see
part of a Quidditch match. Five muggle friends came upon something very
curious while touring the Headmaster’s study. They described an old
basin with a shimmering substance that we immediately understood to be a
Pensieve containing memories. Well, these friends are an adventurous
lot and got a bit closer than advisable to the memories and fell in –
accidentally, of course. Being muggles, the Pensieve didn’t work
properly for them and all they could do was focus on a particular item
in the memory. Upon exiting, they were only able to describe what they
saw in a rather cryptic way. Each of them described something different
as if they experienced different memories that were focused on
particular items. We need your help understanding where the memories
took place and what object they saw.

For this month’s contest we are going Pensieve diving! On each of the
five Saturdays in October we will provide you with the description of
one place and object pair as observed by our muggle friends. Your job
will be to figure out both parts: the location and the item of focus.
These ambiguous clues are all that our poor muggle friends could
articulate and so are rather confusing. Here’s an example of what we

This location is a combination of one of Hagrid’s favorite meal
ingredients, a tennis racquet maker, and a topographic projection. If
you need a hint Mr. Weasley can guide you along. Here you will find an
object that had two uses in life. In both cases its sole purpose was to
carry you on your way.

Answer (highlight to read):
Stoatshead Hill, boot portkey

Oh, one more thing. We were able to identify the wizard whose memories
were in the Pensive. You guessed it, Harry Potter. A location can be
any place mentioned in J.K Rowling’s books that Harry has been to
personally. Accordingly, the object will have been mentioned in the
books as being at that location.

Pensieve Diving

A new memory clue written by the Contest Staff will be posted each week
in the Contest Corner starting Saturday, October 1
at 12:01am EDT (see schedule below). All contestants who submit
correct location AND item answers for all five memories will be placed
into a drawing for one of three handcrafted wands donated by Wizard Wood Wands
(changed monthly) and 50 MyLeaky points. Everyone who identifies all
five pairs correctly will also receive 50 MyLeaky points.

General Rules:

    All decisions by the judges are final.
  • Anyone
    13 and older may enter the contest including staff members who are not
    involved in the judging process.
  • Please refer to our FAQ if you are not sure of something.
  • If
    you have any questions not answered on the FAQ, or would like to discuss this
    contest, please come to the Contest Corner forum on The Leaky Lounge.

Contest Rules:
By 12:01am U.S. Eastern Time on each of the five Saturdays in October,
the Contest Team will post a memory clue on the Contest Corner to be answered via e-mail.
Please see the schedule below for the exact dates.

    All answers must be e-mailed with “Memory # Answer”
    in the subject line to [email protected] before the next Memory clue is posted (see schedule
    below). Please also submit a name (real name or Leaky Lounge name) to
    be used for tracking and site announcement (if you should win) purposes.
    Please replace the # with the memory clue number (e.g. Memory 1 Answer,
    Memory 2 Answer, etc).
  • The answer to each memory clue must
    contain the identities of both the location and the item of focus. This
    year each memory answer will be worth 2 points, one point each for the
    item of focus and location so a total of 10 correct answers can be
    earned in this contest. You will get credit for each half of the memory
    that you get correct. However, partial credit will only be granted for
    a memory if both answers for the item and the location are provided.
    If only one is submitted, no credit will be given so you should at least
    guess at an answer if you are not sure.
  • Remember Harry has been
    to each location at some point in books 1-7 of J.K. Rowling’s Harry
    Potter series and he has encountered each item personally. No memories
    from other characters will be used.
  • Please do not post your
    answer in any form or way on The Leaky Lounge, our Facebook page, or any
    other public place. All attempts or answers will be removed on the
    Leaky Lounge and Facebook with the person notified as to why the post
    was removed.
  • All answers submitted will be recorded and kept
    throughout the month for each person who enters.
  • Official
    answers to the memory clues will be posted after the new memory clue has
    been posted.
  • To be eligible for the drawing of one of three
    wands donated by Wizard Wood Wands, you
    must have all five locations and five items identified correctly. If
    you miss a deadline, your list of answers will not be counted towards a
    full list of correct answers. You are encouraged to still submit answers
    after a missed deadline in case there is no one with a full list of
    correct answers. If no one submits and/or identifies all five memory
    location/item pairs correctly, the next highest amount correct will be
    used for the drawing of the wands by Wizard Wood Wands.
  • If
    you would like a reminder of some sort as to when a new memory is
    posted, please “like” our Facebook page as we
    will post every time a new memory is posted on the Lounge.

Schedule of Posted

All memory clues are posted on Saturday at 12:01am U.S. Eastern Time.
All answers are due via e-mail by Friday at 11:59pm EDT.

Memory #1 – Sat, Oct 1
Memory #2 – Sat, Oct 8
Memory #3 – Sat, Oct 15
Memory #4 – Sat, Oct 22
Memory #5 – Sat, Oct 29

Friday, Nov 4 – Memory #5 entries are due by 11:59 pm EDT.

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