Winners for the Room of Requirement Contest Announced


Oct 10, 2011

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The winners for last month’s Room of Requirement Contest have been announced!

First Place: agarwalsonika7

For me, the Room of Requirement will work like Google. It’ll provide
information, moving images, maps and answer all my questions. I’ll see
videos in the form of a memory of the person in the video. With my ‘Come
and GOogle Room’, I’m rather keen on entering any Triwizard Tournament.

Second Place: Bethan Viney

I would use the Room of Requirement to produce a weekly newspaper filled
with gossip and articles on all the latest Hogwarts news. The room
would be equipped with printing equipment and machinery. I would hire
three other students to help produce the newspaper. Now I can have my

Third Place: Freds_ear
Make Filch’s cat a playroom. Mrs. Norris would be too busy playing to
notice my shenanigans. I would be on her good side so when she did
notice she wouldn’t alert Filch. Bonus!… Filch would be driven crazy
looking for his cat and we all know how fun that is.

Honorable Mention: Kneazel Tamer

Nurs’ry fer carin’ fer and raisin’ magical creatures (never you mind
wha’ sort).
Mus’ be undetectable to anyone but me. Needs a good fireplace fer
hatchin’ and fireproof walls, see. Should be a good supply of brandy an’
chicken blood handy an’ teddy bears. Ceiling an’ doorway mus’ be high.

Honorable Mention: maddielion

I would be entrepreneurial in using the Room. I would partner with
George Weasley and manage a Hogwarts branch of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.
I would ask the room to transform itself into a small store, stock it
with Weasley products, and inform trustworthy students of how to find
and enter.

Honorable Mention: LadyBlack

Room Of Requirement- Indoor Broomstick Obstacle Course.

Congrats to all the winners!

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