10 Year Anniversary of “Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone” Movie Release


Nov 15, 2011

Posted by Mel

On November 16th, 2001, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” (or “Sorcerer’s Stone” in the US) was released in the US and UK. Now, ten years later, we have just completed the film journey of the Harry Potter series with the DVD release of “Deathly Hallows: Part 2.”

Take a look at the trailer for the “Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone” and consider what your thoughts were on the film when it first came out. And do take some time to celebrate the anniversary of the first film in the comments. It’s certainly been a magical decade!

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Avatar ImageFelteppsters says: I will never... ever forget the first time i saw a Harry Potter trailer. I was so excited to see it... I went crazy... who was I to know that it was going to change my life for the better? It's been 10 years (I was 11 when the movie first came out) and I'm now 21... The movies, and the books.. Will never leave my life, as a matter of fact i'm re-reading and re-watching all of them in order.. I'm currently on Azkaban.. and it just keeps getting better. Harry Potter for life. Thank you, JK (i know you're not there, just... yeah XD!!) for writing such wonderful books and letting geeky kids like us become fans. <3Avatar ImageLexitheAuror says: 10 years ago...they were just starting Hogwarts, and now we're finally able to go (Pottermore, Leavesden). And I'm going to be graduating college in May. Wow. Time.Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: Where was I ten years ago you ask? Why, I was right here at 'The Leaky Cauldron'... Where in the world else would I be???Avatar Imagepotterball says: again i have to thank my stepsister, as she sent me the first two books in the series, i had no idea about harry potter, but my family waited about a month, but have seen every harry potter movie in theatersAvatar Imageagarwalsonika7 says: Wow! 10 years!!!Avatar ImageLivi22 says: Ten years ago, I was very very small. Mose on two or three years and I probably would have ripped your head off if you had even mentioned Harry Potter. You see, there were an awful lot of people who I knew who were just watching the films, and I had no idea that the books even existed. There came a time when I was sitting in a library and I had no books left to read and then I spotted the Harry Potter books sitting on their little shelf and I resigned myself to my fate. Of course, we all know what happens next.Avatar ImageZhilemuJSof says: My first Harry Potter experience was seeing Philosopher's Stone in the cinema when I was four. I was sitting on my mum's lap; she covered my eyes when Quirrell took off his turban :) I can truly say I've grown up with HP, and although it's sad to see it go I know we'll still stay strong as a fandom :)Avatar ImageLemonFaerie says: I remember myself and my then-nine-year-old daughter being SO excited when the trailer first came out. We couldn't wait to see the movie, and I was especially happy to see from the trailer that WB had taken the film seriously and not treated it like a cartoonish kid's movie. We went as soon as it came out, just she and I as my other two were too young at the time, and that became a tradition. Through GoF, my oldest and I would go see them first, then the husband would go with me again later, and usually by the time the movie came out on DVD the other two kids were finally old enough to see each one. For OoTP we did our first big group midnight release all in costume, middle daughter included that time, plus a bunch of both girls' friends. That was also when I finally found my core group here on Leaky and we've been close friends ever since. The costumed midnight release tradition continued for HBP and DH part 1 when the husband, son and a bunch of other friends also joined in for our biggest group to date. And then the ultimate culmination at LeakyCon 2011 in Orlando for DH part 2 with all the most amazing friends and experiences wrapped up in one, and the biggest tear fest EVER at the movie release. Incredible, amazing memories, traditions and friendships all wrapped up in Harry Potter love. Thank you for Harry and his incredible world, Jo, and thank you Leaky for providing us all a place to call home, our virtual Hogwarts. :) This will never end!Avatar ImageMudblood_and_proud says: I remember when this first came out. i was only 5 but i remember it as clear as day. it was "the wizard of oz of it's time". that is a pretty huge understatement. i never got to see the first movie in cinemas and i am really saddened by that. there was actually a time when i didn't like harry potter because my older cousins were playing the video game and i had nightmares about it. i saw the first movie when it came out on dvd because my mum's friends gave it to us. mum watched it first but then when i watched it, it was <3 at first sight. ever since then i read the books and saw all the movies on the day it was released. i dressed up for the harry potter premiere and since then have not put on my robes. i want to but i just can't. i introduced all my friends to harry potter. i thank jo for actually existing because without her i think it is fair to say that all our lives would be a lot duller. i am 15 now. wow.... where did the years go? if i was told a decade ago that i would be here in my life right now, on a hp fan site 2 days before a test then wow, i would be shocked. i am really thankful and proud of the friendships i have made online and through my real life because of harry potter and i love you all. you are like my second family. *tear* i really love you all and i hope you take time to appreciate the people who u love this day. it is important to remember that there is love and magic inside all of us and that harry potter will never be over, not as long there are people still loyal to him long live harry potter!!!!!!!! <3Avatar Imagehermione198k says: Ten years ago I was six and my journey with Harry officially started. If it hadn't been for my fascination with the first movie when it came out, I probably would never have read the books. That feels weird to even think because I can't imagine my life without the series. I'm so thankful for the series and I know that i'll always be there, it'll never truly be over!!!!! Avatar Imagelovelle says: Now that I think about it... I never saw the trailer of the 1st movie! As in, ever! Ans I call myself an HP for 10 years! tsk tsk tsk! Thanks for sharing this! So love to see this!Avatar ImageHarry-Potter.fan says: I seriously feel like crying, Harry Potter is definitely something that you will keep with you for the rest of your life. LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER <3Avatar Imagehereward says: I went to see the film with my girlfriend of the time who was a big fan of the books. I had assumed HP was a silly story for kids, but it actually had a strong emotional effect on me and I became a fan of the films. Later on, while recovering from an illness I started reading the books and was staggered by the depth of the story, and inspired by JKR's tale of love conquering death. Needless to say I am now a mega-fan. Thank you Jo! Looking back on the film, I think director Chris Columbus introduced the characters and world to the audience well, but I think he bungled the 'whodunnit' aspect of the story, and the end of the film is a confusing mess. Oh well, let's face it the films could have been a lot worse!Avatar Imageworldstraveller says: nostalgic, just yesterday 17:30-18:00 I finished my Harry Potter movies marathon. it was when it come out to the cinema, I remember as if it was yesterday...it was when everything started for me =) like love at first sight! after I got the DVD, I think was 2 weeks watching everyday the movie and then one of my brothers (who loves reading, but not fantasy genre -_-) said the books are usually much better than the movies, there is more info,etc, I bought the 1st with my allowance, and loved it, then some relatives offered me chamber of secrets and prisoner of azkaban and at christmas the goblet of fire (I read like mad, pauses only for sleep and eat). funny thing is today, not only 10th anniversary of the philosopher stone but also here in Portugal makes 4 years since Deathly Hallows book(the translated one) come out.I remember very well, 3 days, I made a straight because I was in the Bathilda Bagshot/snake scene, and kept reading until quite ahead of that scene so when I go to sleep I wouldn't have nightmares of that scene >>", yes, I am a very scaredy cat, I still jump at hand of glory, when the spider grabs Ron's neck and Basilisk suddenly appear from the water front of Salazar statue in chamber of secrets movie, and the snake of deathly hallows part 1... =) so Harry Potter is very special, is a imaginary world where I wished to put the sorting hat!!Avatar ImageFranzi88 says: I watchedrst film twice in cinema. It was great. I loved the books an do this until to day. I can not say Harry is my favorite book because its more than this for me. Harry is a attitude to life. Its like yesterday that I was so happy to see tghe first film. And now 11 years later I look forward to the last film dvd which is released in germany friday 18th November. an amazing film which I watched 3 times in cinema. The first and the last film are my favourite films. Avatar Imageweasleywannabe1997 says: This was so touching to watch -- not just because of the memories, but because of the foreshadowing there -- seeing Harry gawking at the Snitch (thinking of the Forest, Again....) and seeing Ron talking about Hermione, and thinking about their futures... so very much happening. Add in that we were recently in England and saw some of the locations in the trailer (Lacock, Oxford) -- well, like so much of Harry Potter, this is just a special place and time that will always be a part of me. Thanks, JK. And thanks for the reminder, Leaky!Avatar Imagemencia says: I love Harry Potter, I am the only one in my family who does, my little brother likes the movies but is not that interested in the books of which he ony read two. the rest of my family doesn't understand my love for the magical world of Harry Potter at my age, I am 24. to be honest in Namibia, there is not too much hype about Harry Potter, only those who chose to be interested in it are. I read the Philosopher's Stone when I was 13 and fell in love with the world of HP, since them I have been an great follower of the series, I have read all the books and seen all the movies, I only saw the last 5 in cinema. I love the books more but I think they have adapted the films well, I was only disppointed with the last movie and the third. the fourth movie is my favourite, it was also my favourite book until deathly hallows. I have only joined leaky this year but feel very much at home with people who love HP as much as i do, and for that reason leaky has become like a second family for me. I will always be greatful to Jo for Harry and his world, she has taught me so much about love, friendship, tolerance, forgiveness, above all the love can overcome so much. Thank you for Harry really :) Avatar Imagemencia says: apologies, I didn't read through before I posted and have so many errors but I think you can still understand what I was sayingAvatar ImageMad But Happy says: Knowing the movie came out 10 years ago makes me feel.. well... old. lol But I grew up with the books and movies, and I wouldn't change that for anything. :)Avatar ImageJrm2492 says: I remember being so excited about the movie because I was going to get to wear my Hermione costume my mom had made me for Halloween. I believe I saw it with my best guy friend at the time and he went as Harry. Can't believe it's been ten years already. Avatar ImageAppaketoope says: i have to thank my mum and dad for introducing me to harry potter. they bought me the deathly hallows book for a challenge and i have loved it ever since. i dont know where i would be without harry and friends. again thanks to my mum and dad Avatar ImageJoannedern says: oh my God ! Harry Potter is the best always !Avatar Imagebellahawthorne says: Well I didn't see the first movie ten years, I saw it last weekend at Universal Studios Citywalk. I'll never forget all the magical moments I experienced last weekend, but also I won't forget what a phenomenon the series was when it first came out and how it caught on like wildfire - the news coverage, the WB stores opening with merchandise, all of my friends gabbing about the series. It's certainly been a great decade!Avatar Imageforgetmenot_007 says: Oh,wow...it's been 10 years,yet it seems like just yesterday! Can never thank you enough,Jo, you have given us the most magical childhood we could ever have! :')Avatar Imagerettophantom says: I remember it so clearly. My mum had told me I wouldn't get to see it in cinemas because I hadn't done my homework a few weeks before, and I was so upset, but I didn't want her to know how much it hurt (though she definitely knew how important it was). On this day ten years ago, I came home from school and kept a straight face when she told me to go to my room and do my homework, then when I turned around, 5 of my friends jumped out! She had organized a surprise party, and took us all to see it. It still brings tears to my eyes when I remember it. 16 November 2001 is one of the greatest memories I have. Thank you Jo for this world we have all lived in.Avatar Imagerettophantom says: I remember it so clearly. My mum had told me I wouldn't get to see it in cinemas because I hadn't done my homework a few weeks before, and I was so upset, but I didn't want her to know how much it hurt (though she definitely knew how important it was). On this day ten years ago, I came home from school and kept a straight face when she told me to go to my room and do my homework, then when I turned around, 5 of my friends jumped out! She had organized a surprise party, and took us all to see it. It still brings tears to my eyes when I remember it. 16 November 2001 is one of the greatest memories I have. Thank you Jo for this world we have all lived in.Avatar Imagekittygurl212hpfan says: I remember how badly I wanted to see the first movie when it came out but instead my mom bought us tickets for the first showing the day after. I was too scared to sleep the night before because I was afraid I'd missed it. It was so magical seeing it for the first time. I remember absolutely loving it! I was 12 and having a pretty rough year, being bullied by a group of girls and trying to decide whether or not I wanted to stay at my awful school, and this just made all of that go away. I repeat, it was magical.Avatar Imageevb615 says: YAYYY! :) I watched this movie when I was six and I have been hooked since then! Avatar ImageLunaLuver says: I'm one of the rare people who actually read the books ( 1-3 ) before the first movie came out. My older sister gave me SS about a year before the movie came out( I was 11 ), I read it, I loved it, and there was no going back. Since, I've gotten each book the days its came out, and seen all the movies the day they've come out. DH Part 1 & 2 at midnight. Some of my best childhood memories are tied in with Harry Potter. So I would like to say, Thank you. Thank you JKR and WB for making the past tens year as magical as they could be. We will forever be in you debt. :,)Avatar Imagealexweasley12 says: I cant believe its been ten years xD My brother (who is now 9) would hum Hedwigs theme when he was only 18 months old and once we got this movie our whole family became fans of Harry potter. Its always been in my life, and I'm sad to know there will be no more movies or books, but I know it will be in my life forever :) THANK YOU JKR AND ALL THE STARS OF THE MOVIES !! <3Avatar Imagewandmastercalum says: I saw the film when I was 5 and now I'm 15 and nearly 16 and I knew and liked the books before I saw the film so its been a huge part of my life. When I saw it I started crying at the troll scene and ended leaving at the chess scene because I was too scared but I saw it again later on and I had nightmares for months about Voldemort :D Oddly enough I was absolutely obsessed with the films even back then. I remember buying the chocolate frogs and collecting the cards. I'd actually bought one for my first time seeing the film and I hadn't looked at the card until I got home... it was a holographic picture of the troll scene and I literally chucked the card and ran into my room and hid. So yeah I've had great memories from Harry Potter and thats just a very small amount of them :) <3<3Avatar ImageElwood J. Blues says: Crying. So many emotions flooding back all at once. I've only been to two Potter movie premieres. Deathly Hallows part 2, and Sorcerer's Stone. God. Avatar ImageBlame The Nargles says: I'm sad to addmit, but I've only been a HP fan since about 2 summers ago. My mum had almost all the books, and I had nothing else to read, so I pulled out the first book and...well, you can guess what happened. ;-DAvatar ImageAvanelleWood says: I came to late to the Potter party. My oldest son was too little when the books were first published, so I didn't understand what all the buzz was about. Fast forward to 2004 or 2005 and I bought him the first three books. I picked up Sorceror's Stone and was hooked right away. Harry Potter has become a huge part of my life. Thank you, JKR, for re-introducing magic to an everyday wife and mom's life. Avatar ImageMissHermione says: 10 years is quite the long time. Like a Wedding Anniversary, only...Harry Potter. Avatar Imageharrypotter4258 says: *crys*Avatar Imagesboyer06 says: wow i cant beleive it was 10 years ago i was in 8th grade n going to see harry potter for the first time ever.... such good memories :)Avatar ImageHermione_Granger_Weasley says: I can't believe it has been that long. Wow. I'm in tears.Avatar Imagekyrstalkris says: Oh my gosh, how could I forget?! I was fairly young at the time so I can't explain my first magical moment when I saw Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone in the theaters since I haven't but I must say, it's been a great ride! I think we can keep the spark alive, we Potter fans, through fanfiction, through rereading and rewatching, and especially just by thinking about it. :)Avatar Imagehogwartslionchaser says: Oh my goodness. 10 years ago, I was 3. I had no idea what Harry Potter was, what it was about, who it was about, nothing. I had no idea what it would do to my life. Now, 10 years later... and I'm a completely different person because of Harry Potter. THe movies just brought the magic to life, especially the first one. The first movie is my favorurite, as it just introduces and just, I don't know how to explain it, it just was perfect. I'm so grateful for Harry Potter, and it's not just a book and movie series. It's a way of life. Not some gang or obsession. It's like, how to be the awesomest Muggle anyone can possible be. So thank you Harry Potter! Thanks Dan, Emma, Rupert, Ms. Smith, Mr.Coltrane, Mr.Harris (RIP), David Heyman, Chris Columbus, everyone. And thank you Jo, for making it all in the first place.Avatar Imagesparkle9 says: I was three when the first book came out, six when the first movie came out. I enjoyed the movies when I was younger as they began to appear on T.V. But I never read the books because at the time I considered them to be "Boy Books" It was not, however until the summer going into sixth grade that I began to become a real fan. That was the summer that the final book was coming out. When all of the hype over the last one got even like me non-fans excited. my neighbor gave me a copy of the Deathly Hallows and I knew then and there that I had to start reading. I saw the Order of the Pheonix that summer ( the first HP movie I had seen in theatres) and began to read the books. They were a bit boring at first, but I promised myself I would not give up on this series like I had given up on many other books in the past. It turned out to be an addiction after I finished the first book. It was like I could not put those books down and I was always trying to cram time in random places to read (which was not normal for me because I am not an typically an avid reader.) As I finished the series I found more and more books which interested me. The Potter series really did help me learn to enjoy reading.Avatar ImageHarryLoverAllRound says: harry potter is my life now, and i'm grateful for the full ten years, Its been an incredible ten years, and I wish that the years could keep going. But I know that they will. with myleaky and all that. Thanks Avatar ImageHarryLoverAllRound says: I'm also sorry to say that I have only been a fan for the last couple of years but I will be a fan foreverAvatar ImageMeredithSecaur says: I was only 7 when the first film was released, and I wasn't interested in Harry Potter at all until after I watched it when it came out on DVD. I've been a fan ever since. I absolutely fell in love with the entire Potter world, and this love only increased once I started reading the books. I recall completing "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" in three weeks and longing desperately for more. Each time a new book or movie was released my enjoyment in the series only deepened. It is very hard to believe that it has been ten years since then, but I think the legacy will continue for many more years to come. I am very greatful to J.K. Rowling for creating such a magical world for us all to enjoy, and feel very privileged to have been a part of something as special as Harry Potter.Avatar Imagehermy007 says: oh wow, this brings back so many memories! i was so pumped to see this...way back in the day lol. first time i saw this was with my daycare, second to last time i saw part 2, i saw it at my college. D:Avatar Imagegirlatty1 says: Ten years already -- good grief. Harry forever!Avatar Imagedfreebo says: So nice to hear from all the young people who've been deeply touched by the books and films. Me? I was 47 when the first film came out, but was already an avid fan of the books. I read the first three back-to-back after seeing an article in U.S. News & World Report about this new series that was turning a generation of "vidiots" into readers, and I decided to check it out. Together, the books and films have brought me, my wife, my children, and now, my grandchildren, countless magical moments. Thanks to J.K. Rowling and all involved in the films!Avatar ImageMoonlitFox says: I was 9 years old ten years ago. Back then I was really, really excited to see the first Harry Potter movie. Kept bugging my mom to get the tickets. So my whole family got tickets and we sat in the cinema and watched the film. I still have the tickets from each of the Harry Potter movies I went to see. Harry Potter 4ever! Avatar ImagelongliveRemus says: Philosopher's Stone movie came in the midst of a Harry Potter drought...the long wait in between GoF and OotP! I was 14 in 2001 and I remember thinking that the film was still a bit of a consolation prize to keep us going until the next book. I was checking Leaky regularly on my slow South African internet connection, for any clues about OotP. But the films have taken on a life of their own and grown on me since then. The Harry Potter 'experience' has definitely enriched my life...it has trained me in web-design and allowed me to make friends from all over the world through our common love for Harry Potter. LeakyCon 2011 was a wonderful culmination of that-after all these years I had the opportunity to interact with others in the fandom face-to-face, while at grad school in the US. It has been a wonderful 10+ years :)Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: CoolAvatar Imagekiwimci says: I was 13 in 2001. The trailer used to be at the beginning of a 'Friends' VHS I had, except it was the teaser trailer not this one. And I watched it again and again mainly because a one shot glimpse of Tom Felton was in it. I was instantly in love, he kicked off puberty for me. I begged my parents to take me that weekend in the end they conceded on Thursday 22nd November 2001 to take me and my two older brothers to go see it. After I saw it so so much more than Felton enchanted me. I really can't explain what it was but I loved every single second. I couldn't think of anything but Hogwarts, Harry, Ron and Hermione. That Christmas I asked for the Harry Potter books, needless to say I've never had a better Christmas present. Thank you Jo!Avatar Imagejhangelgurl says: 10 years ago I was 14 going on to 15 and I hated! Harry Potter and anything to do with it. So sadly I didn't get to experience the whole thing, but I'm glad to know Harry Potter. Better late then never. Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: I never saw this one in theatres, and it's the only one I never did. I remember before I ever saw the movie, one of my friends would always want to play Harry Potter at recess, and I was always Ron :P Of course I didn't know who he was. Sorcerer's Stone came out when I was in first grade. My mom bought the VHS (yes!, VHS) on the first day it came out. I remember my brother (who was probably 3 or 4 at the time) saying "when we got the movie at the store there was a three-headed dog on the sign!" My mom explained that there was a picture of a three-headed dog on the display that had the movies on it. ^^Fluffy <3 I fell in love with the movie, I must say, as any 7-year-old would! It's a great movie. It started my best friend's obsession, which of course meant I liked Harry Potter a lot then, too. I'm not gonna go into everything I love about Harry Potter, though, because this is a comment, not a novel. :) First of all, can I say, I always laugh at the "Wood fail" in the movie when he turns his head the wrong way at first to look at the snitch! 2. My friends and I (we are the trio- I'm Harry, one of them is Ron, and one Hermione) have all decided that at one of our friend's wedding ("Hermione"'s wedding) "Ron" is going to run in and say "TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON! Throught you outta know." *faint* and then I am going to do Malfoy's reaction because it is hilarious. 3. Me and my friends (the trio) always reenact scenes from SS. Such as the "Wake up Potter! We're going to the zoo!" whole beginning scene; the scene at the zoo; and my personal favorite, "honestly, don't you two read? The Sorcerer's Stone is..." and then... "Immortal?" "It means you'll never die!" "I know what it means!" "Shhh!" OMG it's just wonderful :) 4. The Sorcerer's Stone computer game. Can you say, my childhood? Honestly I remember playing this game so much. My brother was great at finding secret passages and getting the wizard cards. I loved the broom lesson, certain parts of the Charms one, Herbology, Snape's potions on the way to the Sorcerer's stone, HAGRID'S FIRESEEDS- which rule all, btw! xD I love how, in the Herbology challenge, when you get to the top of this tower thing, you can see the Quidditch field in such detail. I also love the randomness at the end with all the Bertie Bott's beans exploding out on Snape and Fred and George's girlish laughter! I love Crabbe and Goyle, “Po-aa” - they can’t say Potter right, and all of Malfoy’s random, rude comments. Me and my friend "Hermione" were honestly obsessed with that game. We have it down to a science; like we even have a record going of how fast we can beat it, which is in 2 hours and like 33 seconds or something. Hahahah :)) Of course, the SS book is wonderful as well. I won't talk about it, though, cuz this is just about the movie. (Shhh! I didn't talk about the computer game above!^^) The thing I love most about this movie is that it IS Harry Potter. It is truly magical. It is almost exactly like the book, with word-for-word instances in certain parts of the movie. When I watch this movie, I am happy. All of the characters are perfect. I can tell you, I have no complaints about this movie. I even have complaints about DH2, and that was a very good movie. SS will always be my favorite movie. :) <3Avatar Imagevandy says: wow 10 years !! can't believe it .. It almost become a part of the lives of all HP fans .. Avatar ImageAppaketoope says: i dont think i saw the first movie trailer. like that is the first time ever!!! i was introduced to harry potter when my mum bought me the deathly hallows book and have loved it ever since. i got the box set of the first 5 films and worked froom that. i collected the books and films in any way possible and even though the last film is out i think it will never be over. leaky cauldron is one example of the many fans that have gathered together across the world to celebrate harry potter. the magic will never end :') Avatar Imagejacket says: 'I'm a what?' Ah Harry, so adorable! I can't believe it's only been 10 years! feels like a life time...I recently had a marathon. Watched the first 7 movies all in a row, it took 3 days! Man. What a great series. JKR I could never thank you enough, you have given me the most magical and wonderful childhood anyone could ever have.Avatar Imagelilyluna257 says: wow the trailer looks great BUT u have 2 accept that there acting wasnt as near as good as it is 2day and sorcerer's stone - where did that one come from??? keep 2 philosopher's stone - that's what it was printed as the 1st view of hogwarts however, was AMAZIN i loved it loads!!! AND 10 years on that's some achievement im glad they kept the same actors/actresses especially emma and daniel!!! soz 4 the long message Lily luna!!!Avatar Imagelilyluna257 says: though looking at a previous message, it doesnt seem tooooo long Avatar Imagelilyluna257 says: though looking at a previous message, it doesnt seem tooooo long Avatar Imagelilyluna257 says: and that beautiful theme tune Avatar Imageoakfrog130 says: omg I sooooo have to see that!!! it looks awesome Avatar Imageoakfrog130 says: omg I sooooo have to see that!!! it looks awesome

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