Julie Walters’ interview with Evening Standard

Nov 06, 2015

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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The Evening Standard have recently released an interview with the fantastic Julie Walters.

Walters (who played Molly Weasley in the Harry Potter films) features in Brooklyn alongside Saoirse Ronan and Domhnall Gleeson as boardinghouse landlady Mrs Kehoe. The film was released in the US on November 4th and the UK & Ireland today (November 6th). Watch the trailer below:

She attended the Burberry Festive Film Premiere on the 3rd November, alongside Victoria Beckham, Olivia Grant, James Bay and Ezra and others, remarking to the Standard: “Even when I was younger I never thought I’d be the star of a fashion campaign, let alone at my age. It’s rather marvellous.”

Walters spoke about her home life on a 300 acre estate with her husband (Grant Roffey) and daughter (Maisie), along with her choice to be more picky with new roles. She told the Standard:

“I’ve got a pair of tracksuit bottoms I’ve had for about 20 years I go out walking in with various old tops. It’s muddy — I walk through the woods and around the farm.

“I do love nice clothes but I never get a chance to wear them. There’s no point — we’ve got dogs, you come in and they jump up. You can’t have a pair of pristine trousers on.

“Things I’ve worn to Bafta have still got paw marks on them. I remember turning up at a Bafta thing and looking down at my feet and thinking, ‘Oh no, I’ve got mud on my dress!’”

‘The actress — last seen on TV in British Raj drama series Indian Summers — said she was now only picking roles that were of particular interest to her.  “I just pick what I fancy,” she said. “You take jobs when you’re young because you think, ‘This will be good for my career.’ Now I choose things if they sound really good fun. I do get offered lots of things but for the most part I’d really rather be at home with my husband.”

She said of their long-lasting relationship — they met in 1985 — “We do talk about things. You’ve got to be prepared to say sorry and have a bit of an understanding. We both have our own lives. He’s always allowed me to go off and be an actor and I’ve allowed him to disappear on the farm.”’

Read more on the Standard here!

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