Jack Thorne talks ‘Cursed Child’ with The Independent

Feb 22, 2016

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Jack Thorne – script writer for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – met with The Independent to talk about his personal life, and various other huge projects he’s worked on, along with how this fits into being so involved in creating the new generation of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

Cursed Child Director John Tiffany has apparently warned Thorne about the pressure of working on such a huge project, but Jack notes the important opportunity writing Rowling’s story into theatre opens up, bringing the potential for a new audience of theatre-goers:

“John says it will define us, whether it’s good or s***, and that’s true. [But] we’ve got an opportunity to reach an audience who don’t go to the theatre at all and say, ‘Look at the story we can tell.’ And that’s a real privilege. So let’s hope we get it right.”

Thorne also explains the splitting of Cursed Child into two parts (both costing normal West End prices). According to The Independent, he “insist[ed] this was for artistic reasons, a desire to create a fully magical world – although the suggestion came from the producer, Sonia Friedman”.

On the news that Hermione would be played by Noma Dumezweni (regarding which Rowling and various other Potter actors were quick to express their full support). The Independent interviewer comments about how casting a woman of colour was progressive, allowing more people to imagine and relate to fictional characters, Jack Thorne said:

“Yeah, that’s important. That’s a whole other [side to the casting choice]. It’s interesting, the whole diversity discussion and #Oscarssowhite… it’s a slow, slow journey.”

Thorne is (understandably) a “massive fan of Harry Potter”, and of his informant, J.K. Rowling:

“Jo’s awesome, a lovely lady. She’s so sure of the person she wants to be. It’s taught me an awful lot about how you behave.”

“To even let someone else write a word that Harry says is an incredibly generous act. She’s very trusting, and is prepared to say, ‘Nah, you’ve got it wrong.’ And then, as a person, she’s prepared to stick her neck out on important issues. I admire her.”

He confessed that his wife has to read his emails to Rowling before he sends them, because “She doesn’t want me to be embarrassing.”

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