Bonnie Wright is… a Gryffindor!

Jun 02, 2016

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Bonnie Wright – who played Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter films – followed Rupert Grint’s footsteps and took the sorting quiz in a recent interview with Pottermore.

She first spoke a little about portraying Ginny:

‘My favourite idea I always had [about] Ginny, that David Yates and I always played on, was that Ginny was this warrior,’ Bonnie told us. ‘That was something I really enjoyed. I was such a tomboy as a girl growing up and I loved that idea you don’t have to be girlie to be a girl.’

She also said that the huge ensemble of characters in Harry Potter is one of her favourite things about the stories:

‘You find something within them all that lives inside you’

The detail of the sets was also one of her favourite memories, Bonnie said she loved being able to pick up a Daily Prophet and actually read it, and really get into acting as a part of the story.

When asked if she had any loyalty to Gryffindor, Bonnie, who is most definitely a Ginny Weasley fan,  said:

‘As a strong, devout Weasley, it could only be Gryffindor’

After answering the intricate sorting quiz on Pottermore, Bonnie (to her delight) is sorted… into Gryffindor!:

‘I feel relieved… I feel proud’

Watch her chat with Pottermore below, and watch Rupert Grint’s sorting here:

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