Jamie Parker of ‘Cursed Child’ Talks Playing Harry Potter

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Aug 04, 2016

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While Jamie Parker had a varied and successful history in theatre prior to being cast in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, there’s no denying that the role of Harry Potter is the biggest role of his career so far. In a recent interview with Pottermore, Jamie talked about audience reactions and how Cursed Child differs from other productions he’s been part of.

On playing Harry “nineteen years later,” Jamie says:

“To me it is actually quite interesting to hit roundabout the 40 mark of your life, and consider how things affected you profoundly when you were 11 going on 17, and how that is going to come into play into your life as a dad. That’s where the play gets juicy for me.”


With a smile, Jamie also discusses how audiences have been receiving the play:

“I’ve never worked on a play where I’ve heard audible gasps from audiences. [The audience] is desperately hungry to be told this story. They’ve been nothing but wind in our sails from the very get go. And it’s a joy.”

Hear more from Jamie in this video:

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