PotterCast #267 – Hogwash

Feb 06, 2017

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Three quarters of PotterCast (minus Melissa due to convention commitments!) unite to consider Ilvermorny, its song, and the wizarding world beyond its borders.

The episode begins with a clip from the Ilvermorny song released at A Celebration of Harry Potter. A reading of the lyrics is followed by the full song, complete with commentary – would it have been better with Nifflers playing instruments?

Frak, Zack and John discuss their feelings about Ilvermorny, noting that it’s hard to feel as attached to the North American wizarding school and the houses we’ve been sorted in, as it hasn’t featured nearly as much as Hogwarts, even though Rowling’s history of Ilvermorny and the Pottermore sorting ceremony were fantastic.

On the topic of wizarding schools, a mysterious map of the wizarding world is discussed, as well as some of the finer details of the wizarding world spanning the continent and the rest of the world – did the Old West have gunfight-esque wizard duels?

A fan question on Newt’s true power is answered, reminding us of how many tricky situations Newt was able to get out of. However, the team stresses how Newt’s Hufflepuff nature allows him to navigate the wizarding world unscathed. Sorting Newt into a secondary house is followed by a discussion of what the hell a Hufflepuff actually is. Later the team interrogate the Pottermore sorting process – do you agree with your Hogwarts house?

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Whilst assigning each of the Marauders to the Hogwarts Founders, the podcasters bring up an age-old question: why is Pettigrew in the Marauders gang? Should he be in Slytherin?

Bringing us back to Fantastic Beasts, they discuss what future wizard worlds could look like (as oppose to the wizarding world of the past we see in Fantastic Beasts). 

The episode ends with a discussion of how an Ilvermorny dance remix would go – could this be the start of the Fantastic Beasts age of Wrock? Please share if you’ve decided to actually make this.

Frak’s going to be on a Potter panel at Emerald City Comic-Con, so be sure to get tickets here!

Listen to the episode below:

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