Alternative Logos for ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Revealed

Feb 14, 2017

Posted by: Zack DiGirolamo

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Way back in the early days of our Fantastic Beasts coverage, we reported on Pottermore’s reveal of the official Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them logo. Now, several months after the film’s release, we have our first look at some alternative logos that were considered for the film! Click on the images below to get a better look at what may have been!

FAN_WB_Tsr_v04_6_MT FAN_WB_Tsr_v16_6_MT FAN_WB_Tsr_v17_4_MT

Though we have no official word on the authenticity of these logos, we feel pretty confident that they are legitimate; they come from Deva Studios, which also animated the official logo from the Announcement Trailer.

MKB_WB_Tsr_v56_1_MT MKB_WB_Tsr_v60_6_MTFAN_WB_Tsr_v05_2_MT


There are plenty more alternate logos on Deva Studio’s site. Note variations all of the logos have: the hints of 1920s New York is present in some, while others take a more fantastical approach. Which one is your favorite?


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