Warner Bros. Announces 2018 London Studio Tours Experiences

Dec 09, 2017

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Warner Bros. Studio Tours London announced the new experiences on the docket for the 2018 year, and they sound truly magical. From an inside look at the Art Department behind the beloved film series to an exhibit delving deep into the Dark Arts, the line up of exhibits will offer something for every staunch fan and entertain the less initiated.

Introducing the Art Department

From Friday, Feb. 9 to Monday, Feb. 19, the Studio Tour will unveil the painstaking creative work behind the intricate details of the wizarding world. Visitors will be privileged to view technical drawings, white card models, and concept art, as well as the process of prop-making.

Members of the original Art Department will return to host a variety of filmmaking-technique demonstrations, among them a demo on the art of wand-making. And as a bonus, the renowned–and award-winning!–production designer Stuart Craig will feature in special videos introducing each division of the exhibit.

Valentine’s Dinner in the Great Hall

For two days only, the Great Hall will be transfigured into a place of romance as the Studio Tour beckons couples to make Valentine’s plans at Hogwarts.

Friday, Feb. 9 and Saturday, Feb. 10, Warner Bros. presents an experience unlike any other. Guests will be welcomed with drinks and canapés, as well a “Love Potion” cocktail. At their exclusive table-for-two, they’ll find their wand of choice! At that time, if they aren’t too excited to eat, they will be served an incredible three course meal, interrupted only by the complimentary photographer who will capture the memorable occasion in the absence of available pensieves.


When dinner in the Great Hall draws to a close, the couples will be escorted on a special after-hours tour of the Studio exhibits, including the Gryffindor common room, the Weasley’s kitchen, and more! The tour will end with a drink on the iconic Platform 9 3/4, where visitors will see the original Hogwarts Express engine from the films, as well as costumes from the Deathly Hallows epilogue scene.

Last, but certainly not least, guests will make their way to the backlot café for a butter beer nightcap, followed by a stroll up Diagon Alley toward the exquisite model of Hogwarts. Tea, coffee, and petit fours round out the unforgettable night sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime event for all fandom couples!

The Goblet of Fire

For the next big expericnce after the brief Valentine’s interlude, the Studio Tour will magically transport you to the Goblet of Fire. For almost five months, running Friday, Mar. 30 through Sunday, Sept. 23, every part of the exhibit will be like a port key, taking guests back to the epic scene of the Triwizard Tournament.


The goblet itself will be brought back to the Great Hall and live demonstrations will reveal how the magic of flying parchment pieces was made. Visitors will stand in awe, just as the student body did when the Triwizard Champions were identified! Guests will also have the opportunity to see many of the props and costumes used for the film, including those worn by the Weasley twins and Barty Crouch Jr.

If the Goblet of Fire is one of your favorite entries in the series, this is one experience not to miss, and thank Felix Felicis, you’ll have a good bit of time to make it there!

Dark Arts

The Halloween season will bring a dark makeover to the Studio Tour as visitors experience the filmmaking secrets behind the magical arts of dark wizards from Friday, Sept. 28 to Sunday, Nov. 11. Brave guests will have the chance to try out their dueling skills against challenging Death Eaters during a demonstration walking them through the direction of the battle scenes.


The Great Hall, in particular, will feature floating pumpkins and tables dressed for a feast, and Diagon Alley will be so spooky you might mistake it for Knockturn Alley!

For more information on booking tickets to any of these wizarding world wonders, visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tours London website here. And stay tuned for the possibility of further news, Attractions Magazine reports that an undisclosed experience will be added to the Tour July 3 through Sept. 23 with the promise of details yet to come!

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