Need A Cauldron For Brew A Potion Day? We’ve Got You Covered!


Jan 19, 2018

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Take a look at the cyber calendar these days and you’ll see some pretty interesting holidays pop up; just about one for every day of the year. A cauldron full of these special occasions seem like they were bewitched by some pretty internet-savvy wizards, or at least one or two Potter-obsessed muggles looking to schedule some extra enchantment in their year. Just this past week the world had the opportunity to celebrate International Kiss a Ginger Day AND Appreciate a Dragon Day, so it’s no surprise that January 19th, deemed Brew A Potions Day, is the perfect time to discuss some of our (and your) favorite Potter concoctions.

There are dozens of potions mentioned throughout the Harry Potter series, of course most of them administered by Slytherin Potions Master, Severus Snape, whose birthday we recently honored at Leaky. Not all of these magical mixtures take center stage in the plot, but J.K. Rowling has definitely sprinkled the story with them from beginning to end.


Let’s take a look at just a few of best brews from the books and some thoughts from the Leaky staff on how they might use them. They might even conjure a few of their concoctions, so who better to spend Brew a Potion Day with than your friends at The Leaky Cauldron!


potionskelegroWho doesn’t remember when Harry gets bombarded with Dobby’s rogue Bludger during a Quidditch match in Chamber of Secrets and grabs the Golden Snitch, securing a win for Gryffindor over Slytherin and breaking his arm in the process. With the “help” of that year’s blundering Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, Harry’s the bones in Harry’s appendage completely vanish and he ends up in the hospital wing overnight to take a dose of the horribly tasting and extremely painful Skelegro to mend the bones. Griphook also takes a dose of Skelegro in Deathly Hallows after his legs are broken escaping from Malfoy Manor.


potionremusaswerewolfIn Prisoner of Azkaban Snape brewed this complicated potion for Professor Remus Lupin, third year Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Marauder Moony. Lupin would drink the mixture once a day the week prior to the full moon to ease the discomfort  of his monthly transformation to a werewolf.


Elixir of Life

nicolasflameltombstoneAs most fans know from the Potter books, the unseen Nicholas Flamel was a wizard and contemporary of Albus Dumbledore’s who created the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone. This alchemical substance had the ability to turn metal into gold, as well as produce the Elixir of Life, which resulted in immortality for those who consumed it. In the first book of the Harry Potter series, Flamel and his wife Perenelle died at the practically-eternal age of 660, after he and Dumbledore agreed that the Stone should be destroyed, lest it fall into the hands of a then incapacitated Lord Voldemort. Since the elusive Flamel will be showing his face in the second Fantastic Beasts film, perhaps this potion may make an appearance as well?


potionronloveThis love potion causes infatuation with the giver as we saw in Half Blood Prince when Ron fell “in love” with Lavendar Brown after eating some chocolate cauldrons meant for Harry that were spiked with the tonic. One of the prominent characteristics of this potion is that is smells like whatever the user is attracted to and fortunately for Hermione, its effects are temporary.


potionveritaserumbartycrouchjrVeritaserum or truth serum as it is commonly known, first shows up in Goblet of Fire when Dumbledore administers the potion to the sinister Barty Crouch, Jr who has been disguised as the hijacked fourth year Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, Alastor Moody. Veritaserum also gets a mention in the last three books, first when the queen of despicable, Dolores Umbridge intends to use it on Harry during an interrogation in Order of the Phoenix, next in Half Blood Prince when Harry thinks about using it on Professor Slughorn and then in Deathly Hallows when wily reporter Rita Skeeter gives a dose to old Bathilda Bagshot to learn about Dumbledore’s years in Godric’s Hollow.

Polyjuice Potion

If you’re interested in transforming into your best friend, or maybe your neighbor, then Polyjuice Potion is the way to go. Another complex potionpolyjuicesevenpottersconcoction that takes over a month to brew, Polyjuice allows you to assume the appearance of the individual whose hair or other part of their personage is included in the ingredients. This potion gets a workout in the series; first in Chamber of Secrets after Hermione’s feline transformation mishap when Harry and Ron take the form of Crabbe and Goyle to question Malfoy about the heir of Slytherin. In Goblet of Fire when Barty Crouch Jr impersonates Professor Moody all year and Crabbe and Goyle guard the Room of Requirement appearing as girls in Half Blood Prince. Polyjuice is the go to potion in Deathly Hallows where it’s used in five memorable scenes; the Seven Potters, Bill and Fleur’s wedding, the infiltration of the Ministry, the Christmas Eve visit to Godric’s Hollow, Horcrux hunting at Gringotts.

Felix Felicis

In need of a little liquid luck? If so, Felix Felicis is the potion for you. Just a few drops of this golden elixir and everything you attempt will be a potionslughornfelixsmashing success…for awhile. The length of the reaction depends on the amount you drink but according to Professor Slughorn caution is warned as consuming too much may result in some batty side effects. The coveted compound, which takes six months to produce, was highlighted in Half Blood Prince when Harry won a 12-hour dose of the potion for brewing the best Draught of the Living Dead (with a little help from the Prince). Ron experiences the lucky effects via placebo when Harry pretends to put some in Ron’s pumpkin juice before the big Quidditch match with Slytherin even though use of the potion is prohibited for all competitions including sporting events. Then Harry used a portion to help him extract Slughorn’s memories about Tom Riddle as well as extract Ginny from Dean Thomas.

Now that we’ve taken a look at some of the most momentous mixtures in Potter lore, let’s take the chance to ponder some potion ideas that haven’t been explored in the wizarding world. Perhaps a productivity potion would be of use to some, or others might enjoy a potion which prevents pet hair sticking to you. How about a potion to enhance your ability to make great food? A potion to stop snoring – or stop you hearing snoring!

If you’re accident-prone, maybe a potion to stop you stubbing your toes or hitting your funny bone would be of use. If the situation arises, a potion to temporarily remove your sense of smell wouldn’t go amiss. The possibilities are endless! What potion would be ideal for you? Let us know in the comments!

You can try your hand at brewing your own potion at the interactive Harry Potter: A History of Magic Exhibition at the British Library through January 27 and later this year when the exhibit crosses the pond to the New York Historical Society.


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