Andrew Lincoln on Quidditch Through The Ages and More!

Mar 17, 2018

Posted by: Rahul Basu

Quidditch Through the Ages

The Telegraph recently featured Andrew Lincoln in an exclusive interview speaking about Quidditch Through the Ages. In the video, he talks about how he was inspired to take on the project when he started reading the Harry Potter books to his children – perhaps a little too early – and ended up scaring them in the process. He goes on to muse about all things Quidditch like how he’d rather be a Keeper than a Seeker and that he’d be a supporter of the Holyhead Harpies! An extensive coverage of the interview by Pottermore can be found here.

Lincoln lent his voice to the project in support of Comic Relief and Lumos, two charities that will benefit from the release of the audiobook. The audiobook also features an hour and a half worth of bonus content from The History of the Quidditch World Cup, written by Rowling in 2014. Further details on the release of the audiobook can be found in this article from The Leaky Cauldron.

The launch event took place on the 16th and was very well received, with guests at the event ducking and diving to avoid broomsticks and bludgers! In other Quidditch related news, Sport Relief’s Hogwarts League featuring Quidditch Challenges is underway.

A copy of the audiobook is now available at Audible!

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