Explore the Dark Arts With Hogwarts Mystery’s Hallowe’en Additions!

Oct 08, 2018

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Today, mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery launched a seasonal celebration, decorating Hogwarts with festive surprises in preparation for the annual Hallowe’en feast! In the meantime, players can expect new challenges, side quests, responsibilities and mysteries, all related to the Dark Arts.

The safety of Hogwarts students is assured by Professors, but all to often are we shown the dangers of attending the best school in the Wizarding World; an encounter with Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, a Basilisk, an Azkaban escapee, a Death Eater in disguise, a sadistic Ministry official, the Headmaster’s death, and the school becoming a literal war ground. The Dark Arts were present at Hogwarts in every single book, and Hogwarts Mystery is focusing on its presence this Hallowe’en with a few exciting features, including:

  • A continued investigation into their brother’s disappearance, players will be lead to the mysteries of the Cursed Vaults

  • All players will find the presence of Dark Arts amidst the safety of classes and celebrations at the venerable school, as players in Year Three will face treacherous Boggarts while players in Year Four will explore the perils of the Forbidden Forest

  • A new sinister, time-sensitive twist to the story, as players will utilize their defensive spells as dark forces arrive on Hogwarts’ grounds upon the full moon, in turn, offering a special Duelling Club event

During said duelling event, players will be able to use the Melofors Jinx to temporarily transform their opponents’ heads into a pumpkin – oh, the price students pay for living out our dreams of attending Hogwarts!


Players will find pumpkins, decor and ghosts (Nearly Headless Nick, the Fat Friar, the Bloody Baron, and the Grey Lady) in the Great Hall, and take a look at the D.A.D.A. classroom:

DADA Classroom

“This October, we’re exploring the darker side of Hogwarts,” said Josh Yguado, Jam City President and COO. “From the Hallowe’en feast in the Great Hall, to our in-game events and side quests, players will have the chance to experience a full month of October festivities, ranging from fun to fearsome.”

As for other Harry Potter Hallowe-en celebrations, Warner Bros Studio Tour London brought back their Dark Arts feature this weekend, with a special ‘Hogwarts After Dark’ dinner!

And in other gaming news, rumors of a new Harry Potter role-playing game surfaced after a leaked video from a focus group went viral last week!

Have you checked out the festive additions to Hogwarts Mystery? Are you looking forward to Christmas in the game in future special events? Let us know your thoughts on these Dark Arts features!

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