“Dark Arts” Light Show Takes Over Hogwarts Castle at Universal Orlando Resort Next Week!


Sep 06, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Universal announced that the exciting magical light projection experience “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” will make its long-awaited debut at Universal Orlando Resort in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Hogsmeade on Saturday, Sept. 14!

The new show first premiered at the Wizarding World in Hollywood on April 13 and ran nightly through April 28. It returned to light the castle again from May 25-27. Leaky was on hand for the opening event in April and discussed the initial takeover with Senior Director of Entertainment Production Stephen Siercks, who elaborated on the decision to let Hogwarts go “dark.” He said:

“After first debuting the nighttime lights at Hogwarts Castle which celebrated the four houses, and then Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle which celebrated the Holiday season, we were looking for another story to tell. We uncovered the darker undertones of the Wizarding World and that brought us to Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle.”

The show includes notable dark magical creatures and characters from J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series, including the Dark Lord himself. The music, lights and special effects conjure a darker and more intense experience than previous light shows, as “guests will be asked to summon their inner strength and bravery in the face of the all-consuming Dark Arts as some of the awe-inspiring moments and creatures inspired by the films come to life within the majestic light display.”

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Light Projection Show at Universal Studios Hollywood

The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Light Projection Show at Universal Studios Hollywood

As darkness falls, fog will roll into the village, veiling the impending attack. But, the glow of green light piercing the cloudy cover will alert guests to the arrival of Voldemort’s followers–the Death Eaters. With no care for wizarding law, these villains will invade Hogsmeade and set the stage for an assault on Hogwarts. Dementors, Aragog, Mountain Trolls and Thestrals will surround the castle, culminating with the appearance of Lord Voldemort. He will reign over the castle until the Patronus spell is cast, driving him and his infamous cohorts away.

The drama of the experience will be heightened by music arranged exclusively for the show based on the original score by John Williams. The haunting composition plays in surround sound, drawing guests in for a more immersive interaction with Rowling’s iconic story and a night they won’t soon forget!

Seircks told Leaky in April:

“I’m really excited for our guests to be able to experience the different characters in the Dark Arts. So whether it’s Aragog, or the Dementors, or the Death Eaters, or even Lord Voldemort himself, the guests are going to be able to take away something different depending on what they connect with as part of the experience of seeing the show.”

This an incredible limited addition to Universal’s Wizarding World, descending on the Orlando theme park on select nights only from Sept. 14 to Nov. 15, so don’t miss the opportunity to test your Defense Against the Dark Arts skills while you can!

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