MinaLima Announce ‘Art of the Block’ Contest, Plus House of MinaLima Virtual Visits!

minalima Los Angeles art of the block contest

Jul 09, 2020

Posted by: Victoria Tomis

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MinaLima, the award-winning magical graphic designer duo who’ve conjured up iconic art for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film franchises, have ventured into the Muggle world with their latest fan contest: The Art of The Block. The contest, by partner studio MinaLima Los Angeles, invites contestants of all ages and magical abilities to use their favorite plastic building blocks to create a STEM-inspired original art project. There’s a Gringotts vault sized wealth of creativity that goes into the STEM field, MinaLima’s inspiration for this contest. An acronym for “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics” this muggle concept has a lot of significance and personal meaning for MinaLima founders Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima. In a press release, Miraphora Mina remarked that with The Art of the Block she’s excited to see the magic that comes from “creative imagination and artistic expression” combined with “the technical rigour of STEM” in each project entry. The categories in The Art of The Block contest include the whimsical: Magical Worlds, Fantastic Creatures, and Movie Magic; the extraordinary in the every day: Architectural Wonders, Mechanical Marvels, and Robots, and muggle history favorites: Mummies, Dinosaurs. There are five age categories for each challenge: ages 4 to 6, ages 7 to 9, ages 10 to 12, ages 13 to 18, and ages 18+, so everyone can grab their wand, accio some plastic blocks, and join in! Every original creation must use at least one STEM element to be considered. Contestants are invited to submit a photo of their completed creation via www.artoftheblock.com by September 1, 2020. Five winners from each age category will be announced on October 1, 2020. Although they won’t win eternal glory and 1,000 Galleons like Hogwarts Triwizard champion Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the prizes are worthy of wizard and muggle alike. Each winner will be awarded: an exclusive Art of The Block tee-shirt, a MinaLima art print, and the honor of having their plastic brick creations featured in the Art of the Block virtual and physical exhibition. The full Art of The Block exhibition featuring the contest winners is expected to premiere in the USA in 2021. So, make like Hermione Granger hitting the Hogwarts Library and learn more about MinaLima’s Art of The Block competition and its submission guidelines, contest rules, and other information on the official website: ArtOfTheBlock.com. And, if that wasn’t enough MinaLima news for you, be sure to sign up to virtual tours of House of MinaLima in London! The tours are taking place at 11am and 5pm BST on the following dates:
  • THURSDAY 9 JULY 2020
  • FRIDAY 10 JULY 2020
  • SATURDAY 11 JULY 2020
  • THURSDAY 16 JULY 2020
  • FRIDAY 17 JULY 2020
  • SATURDAY 18 JULY 2020
They include:
  •  • 45-minute Virtual Visit of 26 Greek Street hosted by the MinaLima gallery team Katya, Alejandro and Xavi where they will share insights and anecdotes.
  •  • £20 one-off, single-purchase voucher code to use on minalima.com
  •  • A Gallery Guidebook as a memento of your virtual visit.
Be sure to sign up to the tours at MinaLima.com!

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