Matthew Lewis has new robes for the Yule Ball

Jan 25, 2021

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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OK, so it’s a tux for his role in “All Creatures Great and Small”, but we can wish for another Yule Ball at Hogwarts with alumni who saved the school, and so much more, at the Battle of Hogwarts invited as special guests, making a grand entrance like the Tri-Wizard champions. Except this time, Ron and Hermione would be going together, and Ginny would be with Harry rather than gaining entrance as Neville’s date.

Neville and Ginny dancing at the Yule Ball

But do not feel sorry for Neville, as post-pubescent Matthew Lewis would have no shortage of dating opportunities. His most recent role was playing a wealthy landowner, Hugh Hulton, rival to Yorkshire veterinarian James Harriot for the affections of a local beauty in the new PBS version of “All Creatures Great and Small”.

In an interview with the New York Times, Lewis said he is just as shocked as anyone that he is considered leading man material now:

“The original series is a bit of an institution in Yorkshire, and my dad really wanted me to do it,” he said. “But this guy is supposed to be very dark and handsome, and it has to be believable that Helen’s in love with him. I was like, ‘I don’t know about this. When I shave, everyone will see I look like I’m about 12.’”

It took him some time to accept that he’d really gotten the part, despite having the requisite native Yorkshire accent and having built an impressive acting resume since his Potter days.

“I was dreading turning up the first day on set,” he said. “I was sure they’d be like, ‘This is what he actually looks like? Jesus, we need to recast this guy.’”

Read the rest of the Times interview for more on the James Harriot series, Lewis’s role, and other productions in which you can see his versatile acting chops. There is an interesting account from director David Yates on how Neville grew in confidence and his role expanded accordingly as the Potter series progressed.

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