Fantastic Feasts & Festive Fetes

Oct 10, 2021

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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Similar to the deadly troll running loose in the castle and sending everyone back to their dormitories, abruptly ending the Halloween feast, last year’s holiday festivities were cancelled due to the deadly coronavirus running loose around the globe and sending everyone back to their homes. Now that we have a vaccine, those who are lucky enough to live in places where it is available can look forward to a much more festive holiday season this year, possibly even with some holiday gatherings. Remember those? I’ve forgotten what it’s like to put on some dress robes, Scourgify the house into presentable shape, and invite some other witches and wizards over for a party. Luckily, this holiday season I will have the help of the Harry Potter: Feasts & Festivities book from Insight Editions. Actually, I’d call it more of an entertaining kit than a book, as it comes with a scrapbook, 100+ stickers for said scrapbook, 2 rolls of Snitch-covered washi tape, and 40 Potter-themed charades cards. (I think both Ron and Ginny would be great at charades–maybe a talent for accents and imitation is a Weasley trait?)

Scrapbook in a regal purple with the Hogwarts crest. I can see Dumbledore wearing this colour.
Stickers for the scrapbook
Washi tape with Snitches on it in gold and pale blue. (To be honest, I have no idea what this is used for.)
Cards for playing Potter-themed charades. This sounds like it would actually be really fun. I’m trying to imagine how I’d act each character convincingly, especially the minor ones without so many known mannerisms. Aberforth would be the easiest, LOL.
House pennants – party decorations or permanent reminder of your house pride if you leave them up.
Serving tray showing Hogwarts castle framed by the Scottish highlands.

There is also a deluxe gift set that adds House pennants to hang as decorations at your Hogwarts-themed party (or to adorn your bulletin board all the time, which is what I will do with mine) and a serving tray with an image of Hogwarts castle on it.

The gift set includes the entertaining book, scrapbook, stickers, washi tape, and charades cards.
The deluxe gift set adds House pennants and a serving tray to the above.

The 192-page book contains instructions for how to host five different Potter-themed events, including information on invitations, decor, activities, and food. Sprinkled throughout are behind-the-scenes tidbits from the movies. There are also downloadable templates for official designs based on the original graphics from the films, including a Hogwarts Letter Invitation and Daily Prophet–Wrapped DIY Wizarding Crackers. Recipes for buffet-style serving include appetisers, mains, desserts, and drinks. Hogwarts House Pizzas, Triwizard Cakes, Defeating the Basilisk Sausage Roll, and a Patronus Charm Pull Cake are amongst the choices for your wizarding world shindig.

You can pre-order both gift sets from Insight Editions now. The basic gift set is $50, the deluxe is $65. The former will be released on 11/9/21, and the latter on 11/23/21, both in time for your holiday entertaining.

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