Exclusive: Flying Broomsticks Cake Pops recipe from Insight Editions

Dec 09, 2021

Posted by: Amanda Kirk


Back in October, Leaky posted a review of the Feasts & Festivities Gift Set, both yer bog standard version and the Deluxe extra festive set. Now, courtesy of Insight Editions, we have an exclusive premiere of a recipe from the book for Flying Broomsticks Cake Pops.

Flying Broomsticks Cake Pops from “Harry Potter Feasts & Festivities Gift Set”

I admit I was skeptical when I first heard that cake pops were going to resemble broomsticks but the combination of the careful sculpting of the cake into the shape of a broom head and painting on the bristles over the chocolate coating creates a charming effect. No question everyone will recognise these as magical flying brooms. I also like the sweet/salt kick from the salty pretzel broom handle.

You can order the Harry Potter Feasts and Festivities Gift Set from Insight Editions. Better to send your owl soon, ideally by 10 December, for delivery before Christmas. (My workaround when the Post does not cooperate is to give friends and family gifts on the Twelfth Day of Christmas. My mother and I developed this tradition of Twelfth Night presents so we could shop for gifts at the after-Christmas and New Year’s sales. Now, I employ it whenever I order a gift that does not arrive before December 25.)

The basic gift set is $50, the deluxe is $65. Both are limited editions, and suitable for Potter-themed parties year-round.

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