‘Fantastic Beasts’ Cast Lightens Up with Entertainment Weekly After Dark Reveals at SDCC

Jul 22, 2018

Posted by: Kim McChesney

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It’s been an epic day at San Diego Comic Con for Muggles and Wizards alike. After an all-star Crimes of Grindelwald panel followed the long-awaited second trailer for the film, the core cast met with Entertainment Weekly for some lighthearted fun to offset the growing darkness revealed in part two of the story.

The group made themselves comfortable in the Comic Con Entertainment Weekly studio with host Piya Sinha-Roy who began the chat admitting that she was a “massive Potterhead”, so we knew she would have some great questions for this crew. For so many months we’ve seen only limited images and footage of these actors, which as promised are becoming more ominous as the series progresses, so it was delightfully refreshing to see the camaraderie that’s developed between the cast. Ezra Miller would be happy to know we were tickled pink!

Eddie Redmayne started out the interview addressing the significance of the task Newt’s been given by Dumbledore. We’ve known since the first trailer that “It has to be” him and it was highlighted once again in the second, ironically with a bit of humor. Redmayne reiterated some of his previous responses on this subject,

“The stakes are getting higher…he has to choose a side…he feels like a more complex character.”

Which prompted Ezra Miller to break into song,

 That’s what I like about Newt!”


The next question was for Jude Law, referred to of late as Hot Dumbledore. Sinha-Roy wanted to know all about that glimpse in the trailer of Dumbledore seeing Grindelwald in the Mirror of Erised. Okay all of you Fantastic Beasts critics who’ve been disappointed by the lack of attention paid to this relationship so far. Without a doubt, that look was worth a thousand words. She asked specifically how Law would describe Dumbledore’s emotional connection to Grindelwald. As he conveyed in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he concurs that it’s no secret the relationship between the two was intense in the past, but he also said,

To what extent, I’m not going to reveal because there’s a sort of twist and a layer to the story that eventually is understood and unlocked and will lead onto the next chapter of this story.”

When discussing the vision of Grindelwald in the Mirror he said,

“He sits at the center of Dumbledore’s desires, but also the darkest parts of himself, and that’s what Grindelwald symbolizes for everyone. He’s temptation. He empowers you, but he opens up the worst part of you.”

To which Katherine Waterston said exactly what we were thinking in that moment with jaws dropped,

“Whenever Jude talks, the rest of us go…”Uhhhh”


Next up was “Toadette” as Miller went by at Comic Con today. He discussed the seriousness of what Credence is dealing with and then laid into a few of his castmates for how it all went down for him in film one.

A question came in from Facebook asking which Hogwarts Houses the actors belonged in. In response, Law proposed a Hogwarts-Ilvermorny challenge of some sort. Pottermore, did you hear that??

Interestingly when Alison Sudol, Queenie, Dan Fogler, Jacob and Waterston, Tina, were addressed as a group about their roles this time around, they all said emphatically that Alison was “forbidden” to say anything but she slipped in that it was “juicy”. Based on the speculation surrounding the new poster that came out for Comic Con, this was really no surprise.

The interview wrapped up with each actor telling which other Harry Potter character they would like to play. As “massive Potterheads” ourselves, this completely warmed our hearts to know they’d thought about it. One in particular really hit the nail on the head. Take a look at the full EW interview below for all the laughs with the Fantastic Beasts cast from San Diego Comic Con and let us know if you agree!

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