The Definition of Crafting

Jun 29, 2009

Posted by SuperJenn

size=”3″ face=”Calibri”>It’s really amazing, when you think
about it, what can be considered a “craft”. When most think
about crafting they think about knitting, or crochet, or sewing.
When I think about crafting I think about creating something.
It doesn’t necessarily have to involve yarn, or needles or hooks or
anything like that. I consider it crafting whenever I rearrange
my living room because I am creating an atmosphere. I consider
it crafting when I rearrange my bookshelves because trying to get all
of my books to fit on the few shelves I have is like putting a puzzle
together because if I don’t do it just right then I won’t be able
to get them all to fit. Crafting can be accomplished through doing
just about anything.

size=”3″ face=”Calibri”>I want to put a challenge out to everyone
to stop and think for a minute about (when looking at it this way) how
much crafting you do just in your everyday life. Looking at it
from this perspective really does fill your day, with happy crafting!

-Risdanya (aka Crafty Witch Laura)

6 Responses to The Definition of Crafting

Avatar Imagesweeneygreen says: i don't think there's a day i'm not crafting in some way. if i'm not working on some kind of yarn project then i'm probably thinking of what can be my next project.Avatar ImageRebelStickClicker says: Here, here!Avatar ImageFlora Lovegood says: Excellent point Risdanya! I would also like to add that the word "craft" used to be associated with "work"..people learned a craft and were crafters of their profession. Almost any productive activity can be considered a craft (writing, healing, bricklaying, etc) It has bothered me for a long time when "Arts and Crafts" seems to be thought of as child's play or "just" a hobby. If it were not for crafters, we would not have clothing, homes, books, food, etc...I could go on! :)Avatar ImageLucius Lovegood says: I spend an insane amount of time per year crafting costumes for myself and my friends, but besides that my crafting is centered around my cooking.Avatar Imagemixymo says: Amen, sister!Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: yeah, i think we all spend a lot of our time crafting (working, creating, etc) without realising it. and i completely agree it doesnt hav to hav anything 2 do with thread and needles, etc

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