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Sep 30, 2009

Posted by: SuperJenn

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Summer will be over soon, blah, but by the time this is posted it probably already is, so hello readers of the future, I bring piece and crafty advice! For this post, I was told to write an interesting story about epic crafting adventures. I am new to this, though, so I’ll try my best.

Modge-Podge! I was looking at crafts on the internet, as I do fairly often. And that’s when I came across a project involving Modge-Podge. Years ago, I went to a school where the art teacher used lots and lots of Modge-Podge. For those that don’t know, Modge-Podge is sort of like a glaze and glue smushed together and put in a neat little bottle. Almost everything we did in this class involved Modge-Podge, like these candle holders covered with tissue paper, or collages made of old holiday cards. Just as soon as seeing this craft, I went out and bought a bottle of it. It’s not cheap, but it is certainly worth it. Upon opening the bottle, I was immediately reminded of the art class, for Modge-Podge has a distinct smell, and the class always had this gluey odor saturating the air. I made a collage on a journal I got from Staples for a dollar, and glazed it over. It’s a bit wrinkly now, but it works and that’s all that matters.

On a completely different note, and I mean completely, I bought a typewriter on eBay. It’s a vintage Smith-Corona Skyriter, and was quite a hassle to get my hands on, but it has its uses. Besides the obvious ability to type on it, you can make some pretty awesome oldish looking labels. On one craft I was working on I just typed an old sounding label, then crinkled it and painted it with water colors to yellow it. Although it was quite some work, the final product is always worth it. I hope to use the same process on a label for Harry’s prophecy in the Department of Mystery’s. To those eBay buyers out their, a typewriter is a great investment, mine was thirty something, and can be used for a variety of different crafts as well as a fairly large paperweight.

Crafty Wizard Jason

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