Save Plastic Bags and Potter Books from the Dumpster!

Mar 04, 2010

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March 2010 Craft-Along: Save Plastic Bags and Potter Books from the Dumpster!

*Apparates carrying crafts supplies and stumbles slightly* Well hello there! How are you on this fine day?

Today marks the start of our brand new Craft-Along! What are we up to, this month? Well, we’re saving the planet, one plastic bag and Potter book at a time!

*Sees people looking at her like * OK, let me explain!

As you may know, Earth Day is coming up next month, and in the Crafty Headquarters, we thought we would do something to help! Now that the Pottermania has slowed down a bit, many people are abandonning their Potter books and “moving on” . The result of that is that many books are being donated, sold, abandonned, or even *gasps* thrown away. That is unacceptable to any Potter fan, and so we Crafty Witches decided to do our part!

This month, we challenge you to turn your favorite Harry Potter book (or the largest one! ) into a purse/bag you’ll be able to use as a small reusable bag, therefore politely declining the offer for pesky plastic bags!

So, who’s in?

The tutorial we’ll follow is not on Leaky itself, so please apparate over to Curbly for a full step by step video AND written tutorial on the subject. If you don’t want to use your own Potter books, consider going to a used bookstore so that you can reuse AND recycle! As for fabrics, why not try to use up whatever is in your stash before going out to buy something new?

Also, we’re looking for fun suggestions as to what to do with the pages of the HP book you’ll create a purse out of. We like the recycling bins, but I’m sure we can come up with more creative things too! So far, here are my thoughts:

  • Create magnets by modpodging quotes on a magnet sheet
  • Use your favorite quotes as embellishments in your scrapbook pages
  • Use full pages as a background paper on your scrapbook pages or for various paper crafts project

You may ask any question you have regarding this tutorial here and bragg about your book creations over here.

Remember that we’re awarding MyLeaky points to everyone participating in the CAL:

  • 1 MyLeaky point for signing up for a craft-along
  • 1 MyLeaky point for every suggestion you give on how to use the book pages
  • 5 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of one finished product
  • 10 MyLeaky points for posting pictures of every extra finished product (things made using book pages WILL COUNT for this!!)

*conjures up a parchment made of recycled paper*

Please sign your name if you’re willing to join us in this! I may or may not have put a curse on the paper so that if you join, you’ll instantly become an addicted crafter. Oh wait! You already are addicted crafters…

Finding Hogwarts

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