Yes, You Can!

Apr 22, 2010

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If you can copy, you can be creative!

“I’m not crafty!”

“Wow! That’s awesome! I could never be crafty like that!”

If someone had given me a dollar each time I’ve heard either of these sentences, I’d well be on my way to becoming a millionaire by now!

However, my answers are always the same¦ YES, you are, and YES, you can!! Does that mean you’ll be able to try your hands at the most complicated stencil in the Fabric Embellishments section of Leaky Crafts and get it right the first time you try it? Of course not! You most certainly didn’t start breaking world records for fast running before you actually learned to walk now, did you? You did, however, learn to walk and worked your way up to the more challenging stuff. And of course, very few of us manage to break world records.

So, how do you become crafty? Well, you start by taking baby steps¦ And that means copying. After all, isn’t that also how babies learn how to walk? Go to Leaky Crafts, pick a simple tutorial, and follow it step by step. Maybe try making some Poetry Magnets, a Decoupage Photo Frame or something equally simple. Then, work your way up slowly. At some point, you’ll become adventurous and you will try something that will turn out to be a huge disaster. Don’t panic, that’s normal. That’s the equivalent of a scratched knee. If those (how many of those have you had? Hundreds? Thousands?) didn’t stop you from running, why would a little crafty catastrophe stop you from evolving in your journey to craftiness?

And the last bit of advice I’ll give you today is this: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! There are tons of crafters out there who were once beginners too. They’ll be happy to share their wisdom, tips and tricks with you. It’ll save you time compared to the trial and error.

The next thing you’ll know, you’ll become more adventurous and will start learning those new crafts you swore you would never be able to do. Either that or you’ll start getting ideas of your own and will start designing your own crafty stuff.

So, grab a glue gun, some glitter or a piece of yarn and get crafting!

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