Potter Glass Marbles

May 13, 2010

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Clear (or colored) glass marbles
Word processing software
White paper
1/2″ or 3/4 round punch and/or scissors
Mod Podge or another similar type of glue
Foam brush or small paint brush
Note: Depending on what you decide to do with your finished marbles, you may also need hot glue, felt, a frame, etc.


Go to the Leaky Galleries and choose a Harry Potter-related pictures you like. Copy/paste them (ideally, use smallest picture version, not the thumbnail or the high resolution version) in your word processing software.

Using a ruler, measure the diameter of your glass marbles, then resize the pictures so that the smallest side is about 0.15″ larger than the size of your marble. You can adjust that measurement depending on the picture you are resizing. If you’re using a book cover picture however, resize similarly, but do that for the longest side of the picture. Separate each pictures with a tab or two, and each line with a couple of enter.

Once you have resized all of your pictures, print them at the highest resolution your printer offers.

Using your round punch, punch out all your pictures. If you don’t own a punch, you can cut out the picture in a random shape, or trace a circle then cut the shape out.

Pick out a glass marble, making sure the back is perfectly flat and free of imperfections. Random scratches on the back of a marble wil make it appear as though the person in the picture is badly scarred in the face.

Using your foam brush or paint brush, apply a very thin coat of glue on the back of your marble and glue your picture, face down, on the back of it. Whipe off the excess glue with your finger and let everything dry for a few minutes.
Note: Be very careful here, because if you apply too much glue, it will leave ugly streaks behind once it dries.

What to do with your finished marbles

The possibilities are rather endless! Here is what members suggested you could do with Potterized glass marbles during the May 2010 Craft-along:

  • Stick them all around a picture frame
  • Layer the bottom of a breakfast tray with them (granted, that would require quite a few marbles though!)
  • Glue them to old coasters (if they’re ugly, it’s best to first cover them with a sheet of cardstock) Please note that while hot glue can be used for the majority of these suggestions, you should

never use hot glue if the surface you will glue your marbles on is likely to get hot again (e.g. on a pot holder). Hot glue, no matter how many times it turns hot, will melt.

Final Product

Josée Leblanc’s tutorial was taken with permission from Harry Potter Crafts on Yahoo!.

Finding Hogwarts

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